Online Business Management Degree as a Career Path

Do you feel drawn to business management? Have you thought about earning a degree in this field on line? If you are a busy person, it may be virtually impossible for you to squeeze in taking night courses at your local college. But if you could take the course online, you could work on the course when you have the time to work on it, even if this means 3:00 AM. Or you could try a split of 6:00AM and 3:00 PM. You would also have increased flexibility on your management of space. No longer would you be required to meet in a certain classroom in a particular college in a particular state and country. You could travel the world and still complete your degree online.

Many assume that the curriculum for online classes is radically different from traditional coursework. The truth is that the content of the two courses is virtually the same; it is the delivery system that differs.

The Content Curricula for Online Business Management

The content curriculum for the online degree in business management is the same basic program as for the traditional program. One would take courses in accounting, business management, business math, algebra and calculus, economics, computer science, banking, marketing, sales, advertising, and investment counseling. These are virtually the same in online programs and traditional programs. It is the delivery system that differs. The traditional course work is contained in space and time; whereas, the online course work transcends space and time. The online work is in cyberspace. This distinction holds true whether one is speaking of an online business management degree or an online paralegal degree, or and associate's degree online. The structure is the same and the distinction is the same. The traditional is bounded by space and time and the online program transcends space and time.

The Layout of the online course: Navigation of the


When one enters an online classroom, one does not encounter miniature desks and puppet students and professor. No, one looks into a monitor that is divided into panels. Each panel may be color coded and each panel represents some key element of the course. The student must learn to navigate in this new environment, this new platform. The initial panel is labeled Announcements. From time to time the administration will want to reach all students with a common announcement, such as information on preregistration for the next semester of work. In this panel, the instructor may wish to post requirements for written work, usually presented in the form of essays. Or, the instructor may post office hours here. Or the instructor may post the penalty for plagiarism.

Moving to the Left of the monitor, we see the links to assignments, which outlines not only the sequence of assignments and readings but the criteria, given in the form of a rubric. So the student is given directions on not only what to read and do, but the standards of acceptable performance. The entire curriculum of the course is outlined here. If a student does not understand a feature of this presentation, they are provided with a HELP button and on clicking this they may be directed to tutorial on that topic. For example, if they do not understand how to use the online library, there are directions that will clarify this for the student. If the student has a problem with grammar and does not understand the nature of fragments, there are tutorials which can help. If the student does not understand the APA system on line, there are tutorials to help clarify this.

Grading for Online Business Management Degree

In grading for an online course, the online system is streamlined for the convenience of the student, the instructor and the administration. The system keeps track of grades for the semester. It provides information on week by week performance and on cumulative averages. It gives a special place for objective test performance. And the grades are accessible for the student and instructor alike. This system can be viewed every day by the instructor and the student. It can be used as a basis for conferences. It also is of great importance if there is a dispute about a grade and the instructor and student must make a formal issue of the matter. Sometimes a dean will be called into the meeting and, in extreme cases; legal representation may be called in to represent the student and another to represent the college. The record of performance gives some objective criteria and takes the dispute out of the realm of he said, she said, etc.

The heart of the coursework comes in the form of the Discussion Thread. The instructor initiates a prompt and the students respond to it. The instructor keeps the dialogue moving and will respond to students, reframe the answers and piggyback on what some students have said and on how student responds to student. This takes some skill on the part of the instructor. If the student has questions, she may leave a message for the instructor in Ask the Professor. The instructor will get back to her in 24 hrs. Also, sometimes the student wants to discuss an issue or to clarify a content question, but desires to do so in private. For this matter, it is best to use email and remember to set the email for a private, not shared conversation. Otherwise, your conversation will be broadcast to others. Check the buttons at the bottom of the site and click private.

Each student is encouraged to share discoveries they have made. Usually, these discoveries have to do with how to find information and how to navigate for a particular purpose.

On the left side of the monitor, you will find a button that is labeled Student Lounge. This is a place that the students may share their views on any topic. It is recreational in that one can relax, knowing that there are no grades involved. Many, however, bond with other students and act as support persons throughout the program.

We can now see the difference between the online set up and the traditional set up. The online course organization is not bounded by space and time and the traditional program is. In terms of content, the programs are virtually the same. Whether one is considering an associate's degree online or an online business management degree, the process is the same.

New and returning college and university students enrolled in online college degree programs are earning an online paralegal programs degree, an online social work degree and an online college nursing degree in large numbers these days as a result of the maturing of distanced education technology. This is very good news indeed for traditional adjunct faculty members still teaching on traditional college, university and community college campuses and needing a legitimate path to extra income. Each of the online college courses in an accredited online bachelor degree program and an accredited online master's degree program needs an online adjunct instructor teaching the online classes from a personal computer. As a result of this need, there are plenty of online adjunct faculty employment opportunities available with accredited online college degree programs.