Free CNA Classes Can Help You Become a CNA Online

Find Out Which CNA Skills Employers are Looking For

Have you ever asked, "What is a CNA?" The Certified Nursing Assistant field is a rewarding and challenging career that shows no signs of slowing down, because there will always be a need for it, especially in assisted living centers, hospitals, and public schools. Fortunately, new jobs are opening up everywhere, so now is the best time to begin to study online to earn a diploma as a CNA. Reaching career goals by enrolling in free CNA classes is ideal for self starters, the motivated, and for busy individuals who cannot find time to attend a traditional educational institution whether due to employment or other responsibilities.

A CNA should be a compassionate person, because the job involves direct personal care. More than any other position in the medical field, a CNA is the direct link between registered nurses and physicians and provides long term care to the elderly and infirm. Because certified nursing assistants are the primary caregivers, job duties vary, but include taking vitals, temperature, lifting or assisting patients to a chair or to bed, bathing, feeding if necessary, changing the bed linens and pillow slips, emptying and cleaning bedpans, straightening rooms, doing some laundry chores as needed, comforting patients, observing their general health and behavior, and assisting the Registered Nurse (RN) with minor medical procedures. To make sure everyne who completes free CNA classes is capable of performing these tasks effectively, a CNA skills test is required before certification is granted.

To enroll in free CNA training, a high school diploma or GED is required. Classes last about 12 weeks with some physical learning at least once per week for hands on training is required as well as online courses. Fortunately it is even easier now to interact with other students and teachers over the Internet much like a physical class room. In fact, some online schools offer virtual labs and videos to learn how to take blood, and vital signs. Upon completion of the course, each student must pass the written as well as the competency examination. This test is not offered online and must be taken either at participating schools for CNA, vocational institutions or universities with nursing units. Once the tests have been completed and passed, the student is placed on a registry of health care aides. The same protocol is followed in each state and employment is chosen from these registries. Additionally, a CNA must have a current certification in order to become employed. All CNA's work under the directions of the head Registered Nurse (RN).

In order to take advantage of free CNA classes, it is important to ensure that the school is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNA). Additionally, many certified nurses aides opt to later take classes to obtain their LPN license, which offers a larger salary. It is very important to utilize all tools and educational material available from the right online schools for cna in order to be the best at the job. The health care field does have many opportunities for employment, but the career is competitive. Quality training and experience will go far in applying and getting that job whether it be in a nursing care home, assisted living, clinic, or hospital.