Onlionline Insurance Quotes(132441)Credit: morguefile.comne Car Insurance Quotes, makes it a lot easier to compare rates, But be careful when comparing rates. It is not always as easy as they make it out to be. It can be a useful tool to make sure you are in the right ball park with your own rates.

Almost every car insurance company is online now, just waiting to get a piece of your business. But before you jump head on into a new company, maybe you should really look at some of the fine points.

If you have just got your car insurance renewal in the mail, and you are steaming mad about how much you are paying, then get your agent on the phone. Many times these renewals are computer generated, and a real person has not always had a good look at your renewing policy. Maybe things have changed for you? Your car is now a year older right? Maybe those nasty tickets are no longer on your record? You have been driving like an "old lady" for months now, to keep under the radar, so why are your car insurance rates so high?

Take the time and phone your agent, she or he can work with you to hopefully find you a better rate. In the long run, your present company may be the better one to stay with, especially if you have some history with them.

Here is a personal experience with Insurance Quotes:

Hubby and I had totally clean driving records, we were great drivers, very careful, and were really upset when our car insurance renewal did not reflect our great driving habits. We seemed to be paying about the same as everyone else. Then we noticed this other company that was advertising, that their rates were guaranteed the lowest, and they were rewarding drivers with clean records. We found them when searching out online car insurance quotes.

Insurance Quotes with an Accident on File

Instead of phoning our agent, we dropped them at renewal time, and signed up with this other company. We were excited, our premiums dropped almost in half. We thought "what a great deal" until about one year later, when my hubby had a minor car accident that was his fault. He made an error in judgment and hit another car. Luckily there were no injuries, but the cars were damaged. We reported the accident, the insurance company was very good, they paid out for our car and the other car, and life went on.

Until 3 months before the next renewal. We go a registered letter in the mail. That basically said they were giving us 90 days notice, that they were dropping us as car insurance Car Insurance Online QuotesCredit: morguefile.comcustomers, due to the fact we no longer had a clean record. This particular car insurance company was made up of "clean record drivers" that is why we got such a cheap premium.

So, now we were faced with finding another car insurance company that would take us with a fresh "at fault" accident on our record.

We ended up going back to our old company, as they were the only ones willing to give us any kind of decent price, (although still high). We were also told by the agent, to be very careful when searching out online car insurance quotes. Those rates always seem great, and they love to attract low risk groups, like we were. They take a chance that we will continue to be low risk, and offer us a better rate, but once we become a higher risk, many of these companies, will raise the rate through the roof, or give you notice to "basically get lost" like us.

So, before you decide the grass is greener online, with online car insurance quotes, make sure and take into consideration all the facts of the company. Do, they give you a 24 hour number to call in case of an accident? Are you comparing the same benefits you had with your own policy? Sometimes you are covered for more things than you realized, and when comparing car insurance rates, you have to compare apples with apples.

Many of these cheaper companies, may not offer these extra benefits, that are a god send in a terrible accident. Are you covered for a rental car if you have an accident? That can add up big time if you have to pay for one to keep going to work etc.

We all want cheaper car insurance rates, but at what cost in benefits are we willing to sacrifice?

For the sake of 10 or 20 dollars a month in savings, and from personal experience, I would say, it is best, if you can to stay and work with the car insurance company that you are with now. Especially if you have some history with them. If you have been paying their premiums faithfully, and on time for years, then work with them for a better rate.

Ask them to work on your policy and that you want a better rate. Tell them you have been searching online car insurance quotes, and would rather stay with them, but will go if you can't come up with a better premium.

If you are considering jumping ship, give a courtesy call to your car insurance agent first. Don't depend on those computer generated renewals that come from some distant head office to reflect any changes in your cars or your record. Work with your agent, there may be things on your car insurance policy that you could change. Maybe you still have riders on there for your kids, that have moved away, or a high collision value on an older car. Things like that can change the rate. With my particular company, we got a better rate, if we paid monthly instead, automatically out of our bank account. They found people were more likely to pay their bills this way, and rewarded us with a better rate.Online Insurance Quotes(132443)Credit:

If we had stayed with our company, when we had that accident, we would not have been ditched. We may not even have had a raise in our premiums, if this was our "first at fault accident" with no injuries.. or at worse a slight increase. But to be faced with searching out online car insurance quotes, with a fresh accident under your belt, you get a lot of NO for an answer, or a premium so high, you could have a down payment on a house!

A car is a large investment for most people, so make sure you get adequate insurance coverage.

Work with the people you have. Sometimes if you put your house insurance with your car insurance you can get a package deal. So, use those online car insurance quotes, to get some ammunition to give to your agent, so she can work out a better deal for you. Stick with the one you got.

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