In today's competitive job market, having an accredited college degree is more important than ever for edging out other applicants and obtaining that dream job. For Christians, it is also vitally important that their education be God-centered, for he is the one who provides meaning to all things and is the prerequisite for all knowledge. Fortunately, there are many Christian colleges where the followers of Jesus Christ can receive an excellent education and be equipped to serve him as Lord in their vocation. In addition to traditional schools, there are also many online Christian colleges that offer training for future employment.

When it comes to choosing between a Christian university, seminary, and Bible college, it can be Online Christian colleges are just a click away (source Wikimedia Commons)difficult to know whether it is better to attend a traditional, on-site program or enroll in online classes offered through a traditional Christian college or through a school that only offers online programs. There are many pros and cons to both the traditional and online options, and this brief evaluation is designed to help you decide whether one of the many online Christian colleges is right for you.


• Flexibility - An online Christian degree program is typically easier to integrate with an existing busy schedule than a traditional in-class university. Classes can usually be taken at the time the student desires in an online course, whether that is three in the afternoon or three in the morning.

• Cost - The overall cost for attending an online school is often lower than going to a traditional Christian university because there are no room-and-board fees in an online program.

• Independent Study - An internet-based school requires the student to be self-directed and self-motivated because there are no classmates to encourage him or her to study. This can help students develop a strong work ethic and the ability to self-start projects in the workplace.

• Pacing - Online courses allow advanced students to work through material more quickly than a traditional class that can go off on tangents or slow down because of questions. Students having a more difficult time can move more slowly than a traditional class and replay lectures again and again.

Sometimes a traditional university is a better choice (source Wikimedia commons)Cons

• Teacher-Student Interaction - Even though distance learning colleges do make provisions for teacher-student interaction and student-student interaction, it is still not the same as encountering other people in person.

• Personal Growth - Online Christian colleges cannot offer the same kind chapel services and other programs that help foster spiritual growth. Unless you are in a good church, this can be an issue.

• Technology - Many online degree programs will require you to have the latest computer and software, which can be a problem if you cannot afford a new machine that is fully compatible with online courses.


These are the main pros and cons of online Christian colleges. Consider them carefully and they should help you decide whether a distance Christian college degree is right for you.