If you are looking to improve your computer programming knowledge, but you don't have the time or money it takes to attend a college's courses or any other computer programming classes which involve being present in a classroom, then online computer programming courses are exactly what you need.

One of the biggest advantages of online computer programming courses is that you can decide exactly where and when you have the time for learning to program computers. Studying at online courses can also be easier to finance than to study computer science and programming at a regular college or university. Many online computer programming courses have a 'pay-for-chapter' system, or even better some come for free offered by organizations, companies, or people who dedicate their time to bring others the beauty of programming, coding knowledge.

The Computer Programming courses you attend in college or other private classes usually offer you additional general knowledge in addition to the Information Technology knowledge. This fact is important to remember for the person who studies at online computer programming courses, because it means you have to search for this additional knowledge yourself. But most likely you can find this information as online courses too.

Online computer programming courses are in many ways very practical oriented. They often come with explicit examples and issues which by the end of a class will be solved and explained over and over again. You will (most of the times) be able to save the content of the courses, storing them into your own computer and access them later when needed. What better way to learn than from exact examples properly explained? Moreover, you will be assigned all kinds of tasks and homework for which no one will punish you if not done according to the teacher's time table, or if not done right. On the contrary, often you will receive assistance in order to make sure that you understood things right the second, or third time.

But what are some of the disadvantages of online computer programming courses, as there must be at least some?

Distractions. Attending an online course is like taking the TV or a Play Station with you at school: You can get distracted all the time, it can be by your Instant Messaging software applications, e-mail alerts, mindless Internet browsing, or your music player application.

Inability to focus. This is a common problem in offline courses too, but when it comes to online courses it gets worse to some people because they have been used to only have the computer for fun and entertainment reasons, therefore it is hard for them to forget all this and only use the computer as a learning environment.

Technical issues/Internet issues/electricity issues. Sooner or later a student who follows online computer programming courses will run into a technical problem, such as: The Internet doesn't function or becomes incredibly slow, the computer doesn't function, or the electricity power supplies fails. In order to avoid enormous problems due to these technical disturbances, then students following online computer programming courses should think of these problems in advance and set up rescue plans for the different situations. And above all: Remember to make backup of your important study material for your online computer programming courses.

These are some main advantages and disadvantages of online computer programming courses. If you think they suit your needs better than regular college classes or any other form of offline courses, then feel free to give them a try. Look first for some who offer free trial lessons, or are entirely for free. Test the courses, but most of all test yourself whether your own mind and situation is prepared for online computer programming courses.