Online Degree(82617)

In today's economy more and more people are going back to school to get a colledge degree. For many they have a choice between a traditional university or to get an online degree through a university that offers courses on the internet. As the unemployment rates rise and global competition increases an education can ensure you land a good job and advance your career. I had a successful real estate team and when the economy fell I realized I needed to protect my job future by getting an online degree. I did a lot of research then I chose a school and got my degree. Here are some tips for you when deciding to use an online university.

Tip#1 - The search. There are many schools out there to choose from. Some are general schools like University of Phoenix, while others like ITT Technical Institute are for technology. Everyone has good marketing saying go with them. I look for three things: Cost, accreditation, and course selection. I chose University of Phoenix because they have been doing it for a long time and they fit my criteria. 

Tip#2 - Paying for it. Financial aid is available for many students. The schools should walk you through your application and tell you if you qualify for any federal grants. The majority of getting set up is getting your financing set up and it is really pretty easy. You should be assigned a financial counselor and they are very good at walking you through everything. After you find out if you qualify you can start your class.

Tip#3 - The plunge. For most people they start with research, then they see how they could pay for it, finally it is time to take the plunge and start your online classes. The first classes you take will usually be about studying and taking classes online. These online courses help you get used to doing school online. If you really don't like it you can either pause your classes or stop and you will just pay them back for the one class.

Overall I loved my experience with getting an online degree and am working on getting another one. Since I worked and have kids it let me do my school late at night when it was convenient for me. If I couldn't get a class project done I would get a small penalty and could turn it in late. Many regular universities won't allow that. By not having to be on a regular university campus at set times I was able to get my online degree while still working full-time. I highly recommend it. Start be researching some online schools it doesn't cost anything to look at their websites and call them and ask questions.