Save All Your Online Work with a Backup System!

Online Data Backup for your Blog, Website and Articles

Online Data Backup for your Website, Blog or Articles

Many people work online day after day, hour after hour adding rich and unique content to the online market and never think that anything will ever happen to that information. Websites close, computers crash, power failures happen and what happens to all that information you've added online? Many people think it's difficult to do an online data backup but, once you learn how to do it, you'll become more efficient at the process and it will be second nature to writing online.

If you're working online with revenue share article writing, your own blog or website, it's important to make sure that your information is secure and saved in case of an emergency like power failure, fire or computer crashing.

Backup Online Data Before Fire or other Emergency


Follow these steps to ensure that your online data backup is safe, protected and secure if you need to move it elsewhere because of a website closing or changing terms of use or if you just decide to move it on your own for other reasons.

1. After you have finished writing an article anywhere online, go to the top left corner of your computer screen and find the 'file' key.

2. Click on the file key and scroll down to 'save as'. A window will pop up allowing you to choose to save your work on your desktop or a particular file.

3. Another option to save your online data backup by using the top right area of your computer screen. Find the 'Page' key, scroll down to 'save as' as you will be able to save each page, article, webblog that you are working on.

4. Once your individual pages are saved, you'll want to save all your important content and articles safely to a disc away from your computer:

Online Data Backup on CD

To do this add a CD to your computer. Go to your folder of saved articles. Right click on the name of one of the articles. From the File and Folders Task Menu, Choose Copy this file. A window pops up allowing you to select the CD area to copy the file. Highlight the disc area and click on Copy.

Next, go to the Start menu of your computer, click on 'My computer', find the 'files ready to be written', click the file and under 'CD Writing Tasks', click on 'write these files to CD'.

The Writing Wizard pops up. You'll notice the name of your file is in the rectangular box, click next and the wizard will automatically copy your file to the disc. The disc pops out of your computer when the file is copied.

5. Repeat this process for all of your online data backup to be assured that your work can easily be transferred for future use.

6. Keep the CD in a safe area to prevent moisture or heat from destroying your information.

7. Keep articles seperated on individual discs for each site you write on for easier access at reviewing your information.

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Don't wait for a computer crash to backup online data

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Good luck with your online data backup! Don't wait for a computer crash before getting your online data backup completed.