What is online data storage?

Online data storage is also know as internet data storage. That is the data is stored on the internet instead of on your personal computer, network server or network storage server. Online data storage solutions can be found searching online and following links to articles.

What are the online storage options?

Online Data Storage

Generally when people talk about online data storage, they are refering to all types of data stored on the computer, whether it is files, databases or applications. Not all online storage services can handle all of the types of data. This is important if you need to backup databases or computer hard drives.

File Online Storage

File online storage is a generally purpose online storage restricted to document type files. These include word documents, text documents, PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets and most photo file formats.

Photo Online Storage

Photo online storage is specific to photo files. Typically, sites that cater to photo storage have tools for easily viewing and grouping files into albums.

Why use online data storage?

More Storage Space
The first reason to use online data storage is that you are physically out of space on your computer. Your options are to buy a new hardrive or a network storage solution. Even though the cost of hardware storage has come down in recent years, it just may be easier to go to online storage and avoid the hassle of adding and setting up hardware. And if you add new hardware, you still need to back up the data.

Data Backup
This brings us to the second reason to use online data storage: to backup your hardware data storage. Backing up your computer harddrive is a must do, but how to back it up. You can copy data to another portable drive, write the data out to one or more CD's or DVD's , or use a tape back up. Even if you do this, there is danger of having your backup data in close proximity to your live data. Both could be destroyed with the same incident such as fire or theft. For this reason, it is important for you to have offsite storage for your backup data. Online data storage accomplishes this.

A lot of people have laptop computers, so the issue of data portability is moot. The data travels on the harddrive with the laptop. However, if the data is on your desk computer, it is more difficult to retrieve. If the computer is part of a larger computer network, it may be possible to obtain the file from another computer network. However, if you use file online storage, you can access the file from any computer that has internet access. This is especially convenient fo share photos with friends and family by using an online photo storage service.

Where do I find online data storage

There are many online data storage options available, some free, some for a fee. Use a fee based service for data backups. This will ensure that you get the appropriate security for keeping your data safe from prying eyes. Many articles about online data storage have links to promote particular vendors. Search these out.