'Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth' is an old adage that is followed in every part of the world. The selection of life partner is of paramount importance as only if the partners are compatible, the marriage can survive. If we look back at our history, eligible bachelors were invited by the girls' parents and a proper courtship used to take place called swayamvara. The time changed and people started courting on their own amongst their friends, colleagues or may be strangers and tried to form meaningful relations but today no one has time to pursue a relationship or date and thus many remain unmarried or alone all their lives. But one of the advantages of modern technology is the invention of Internet and for lonely busy people, the Online Dating Sites.

There are thousands of online dating sites which help these lonely people to come together and form a meaningful relationship. These sites are used by millions of people worldwide, some for serious relationships and some just for fun. You can take advantage of this new boon but one must follow some basic rules to date online:

  • Choose a secure and reliable dating site: There are many dating sites available online. Some of them are free and some paid. You can choose a service according to your liking though in paid services, the people are more serious and the site also does some initial check on them before registration. In the free sites, people mainly join to get fun although there may be some serious people in these sites too. You can ask about the reliability of the site from your friends who have used them.
  • Don't be hasty: You will find many people who match your requirements and you may feel the first one to be your real soul mate and start dating but later you may find that h/she is not the right person. So never be in haste, remember, slow and steady wins the race.
  • Do a thorough back ground check: Before you move any further and get emotionally entangled, don't forget to do thorough check of the person's background. There are many people who come online with a disguise and furnish all the wrong information. You try to get reality check by using e-mails, IMs video chatting before making any commitment.
  • Don't give your address or phone number: First try to seek the address or phone number from the other person and call up from some public booth to check if the given number is authentic or not. If satisfied only then share your address or phone number.
  • Don't go on a blind date without informing anyone: Trouble may be lurking in the corner if you go on a blind date without informing anyone. If you are going on a date, let some of your family members or friend knows about your full plan for the date. Take someone in confidence and if possible take someone along with you who can keep a check on you from a distance. You will feel safe and can be saved from any untoward situation. Go in your own car so that you can come back if you don't like your date.

  • Communication an important quality in soul mate- A soul mate is a person who will always be on your side, throughout life. It is important that you and your soul mate have great communication. For this purpose, you need to chat with the concerned person keeping an open mind. If you enjoy the conversation and look forward to taking to him/her, it means the relation is working. So communication holds the key for a great soul mate. Talk about his childhood, parents, dreams, and thoughts on important issues and see if he/she is compatible with you. Communication leads to search for compatibility. Having found that, you will surely be only a few steps behind choosing your soul mate. Also never be in haste, remember, slow and steady wins the race.

· Friendship- The person with whom your chatting will soon become your friend, He/she will never ask you to disclose very personal information in the beginning itself. Such a person who can easily slip into friend mode, can surely be considered in the race for search of soul mate

  • And when it comes to dressing- The best choice will be casuals. If possible try to discuss the dress code with your online match. This makes a friendly environment to see the various possibilities of going ahead. Remember that the focus of your meeting is to understand each other, not to comment on each other.

  • Let the Lady decide- This allows girl's to choose a place where they can feel comfortable. Boy's can also recommend as per their convenience and other reasons. Make the first meeting a short and sweet. Meeting for a coffee or dessert can be suitable for short meetings.

  • Meeting as friends gives a good impression. Keep in mind that S/he is not the only one on earth. This reduces a lot of pressure.

  • When you meet, have a good time. Try to keep a smile on your and your date's face.

  • Never argue with your date try any decent topic which comforts both, never try to discuss any personal topic or be too smart with your date. It might hurt him/her. Like talking on a topic which is related to crime or some nuisance switches off the romantic mood. Discuss the topics which are interesting to both of you.

  • When talking try to listen, concentrate on words as the way a person talks reveals ones character and background. This will help understand your date in a easy way.

  • Try to finish smoothly and not abruptly, at last give a good vibe to your date. Respecting their thoughts/feelings with a nice goodbye can be a gateway to the next meeting.

Online dating opens tremendous opportunities and choices to find the right soul mate. All you need is patience and faith. There have been innumerable success stories of online daters soon getting into wedlock and having a great relation for lifetime.

Follow these rules and enjoy a great dating experience!!!May be your soul mate is waiting online for you….