When it comes to meet a potential new love interest, the grocery store used to be the best place to do so many years ago.Nowadays people use the Internet and online dating websites that are popular places for singles all around the world looking to meet someone.

Most online dating websites have detailed personal information and photo profiles that allow people to see what the potential person looks like before deciding to take the next step and meet in person.

Here is 10 helpful tips you can use to make the online dating experience successful and enjoyable.

#1.If you are looking for a relationship, it is important to find someone who shares your life goals, family preferences and common interest.

#2.Provide only your email address in the beginning.You can never be sure who you are talking with so avoid giving out any personal information like full name, telephone number and address where you live.To be even more secure, use a free email address like Gmail or Yahoo, not your job email.

#3.Look for possible signs of
jealousy, tempers and other warnings signs when you are having casual conversations.

#4.Try to spot possessive behaviour early.This is often the case if the individual seems to be extremely needy and talks to you all the time without stopping.If you spot possessive behaviour, forget about this date and move on to the next.

#5.Never be afraid to ask questions.After all, it is perfectly normal to ask about hopes and dreams, children, marital status and so on.The person may have something to hide if he/she is uncomfortable answering these questions.

#6.Always take the time to get to know someone before you decide to meet in person, there is no need to rush.After all, everything that is worth something takes time to build.

#7.End the dating potential immediately if you learn that your date has not been honest with you. Dishonesty is the worst possible way to begin a relationship and you will always ask your self if there is something else he/she has not told you.

#8.You need to be totally honest in your profile as well and with the person you are having a relationship with.It will be too late to correct anything once you have moved to the next level.

#9.When you are ready to meet someone in person always do that in a public place, not in a secluded area.It is not a good idea to meet a perfect stranger at dark because you cannot be absolutely sure who you are meeting.A restaurant or
cafe where there are other people is a safe place to meet.

#10.Always be yourself, never pretend to be someone or something you are not.You have no reason to play any roles.If the person is right for you,there is no reason to pretend.Just try to be sure they will not do that to you.Honesty is the key in a relationship.