n the past, people used to look at online dating as something that was taboo or shouldn't really be used for dating. This was mainly due to the fact that there was a stigma attached to people using the internet. People assumed that most men on the other side of a computer internet connection were creeps or looking to do harm to others. As technology advanced, so did online dating sites, and today many people are shedding the negative notions about using the internet for finding dates. While sites may have new security measures, anyone who uses these internet dating services still needs to be careful. Even though there's predators in the real world, a computer makes it easier for them to operate and find information. In this article you'll find some helpful online dating safety tips to keep yourself safe from online predators, scams and identity theft when using internet dating services.

A golden rule for any online interactions should be to never use personal information in your profile. This includes things like your phone numbers, address, work locations and full name. Avoid putting your full name, or using a last name as part of your screen name. Also, don't list out other sites you're a member of that might give out this info. Anyone could view your profile, see your full name and potentially track you down in this way. The same goes for phone numbers and address.

The second important tip is to be careful what sort of pictures you post on dating sites. For example, you might want to post a digital picture of you posing with your car. But if you do, make sure you've blurred or blanked out the license plate so others can't recognize it. You also want to avoid posting pictures of your home, workplace or other identifying photos. Be discreet in your profile picture selection.

Finally, if you decide to chat online with someone beyond the dating site, you won't want to disclose the information suggested above. Give it time and let trust form before you start sharing important details. You may consider giving out your cell phone number in lieu of a home number, just in case. If someone ends up taking the interaction too far, to the point of stalking, threatening or harassment, immediately file a police report. If you follow this general advice and play it safe, you'll be able to enjoy internet dating without the worries.