All of your friends and family members keep trying to set you up with their dental hygienist or dog trainer, but you are tired of making excuses or worse, going through the ordeal of yet another blind date. With online dating sites growing increasingly popular, chances of meeting your perfect counterpart are better than ever. Because you can learn all about your prospective match's appearance, interests, age, political and religious views, location, income, etc. there is no need for guesswork. Besides, there is no thrill greater than finding an inbox full of people who are interested in meeting you!

Bottom Line

The sites listed below offer complete online dating services and a huge pool of potential suitors. Each dating website has its strengths, but Perfectmatch is an increasingly popular site and gets our recommendation based on their advanced and detailed personality matching. Our second choice is Match who promises you'll find love in six months, or they'll give you six months free. Yahoo Personals comes in a close third with tons of members with photos to browse.


Keep in mind that the most important factors in choosing an online dating service is the number of users on their site. The more people there are to choose from, the better chance you will find the person you are looking for. All of the sites listed above have large user bases, although Perfectmatch and Match are the most popular sites for singles. Setting up accounts with any of these services is so simple, and before you know it, you will be discovering people with qualities that fit your personality and may just be the match of your dreams.

Site Reviews


Showcased in Time magazine and television programs like Dr. Phil and Dancing with the Stars, this popularity of this site has exploded. In addition to traditional pairings of like-minded people, their Duet ® matching system seeks out people who will compliment your personality, interests and lifestyle. This unique feature uses a letter-based system that lets you see at a glance who are your most likely candidates for compatibility. This innovative program along with user-friendly communications and free matches puts Perfectmatch at the head of our list.

Best feature: Soaring popularity and intensively detailed matching


With 20,000 people joining every day, this site is very popular. Whether you live in rural areas or the big city, there is a wide spectrum of matches to choose from. After filling out a free simple profile, you will be able to browse a very good selection of singles with similar interests and personalities. The guarantee that you will find love in six months or they'll give you six months free makes this an attractive option for someone on the dating scene.

Best Feature: Lots of members and 6-month guarantee

Yahoo! Personals

With over 9 million members, you can use their lighting fast searches to browse through compatible matches. Many profiles contain photos of potential partners, allowing a more detailed look those matches that meet your specifications. Their seven-day trial gives you full access to the site before you commit to the service. If you're looking for a quick and easy start up and photos are a high priority, Yahoo! Personals are a good bet.

Best Feature: Lots of members with photos


Catering to both U.S. and international members, this service is one of the earlier established dating sites. Because of this, Matchmaker may be a good choice for more mature singles. A mid-range database of users means a smaller selection of singles than the more popular sites, but global access means possible adventures abroad! The site is available in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, making it a good choice for bilingual users.

Best Feature: International membership and great for older singles


This site has a slightly different focus than the others in that it features matches for casual dating and more serious relationships as well as intimate connections. Users can specify their category interests and browse a large U.S. database of singles. They have a very large membership base interested in casual dating. They are free to join with various free user features that make exploring their three communities a breeze.

Best Feature: Large U.S. membership and active casual dating category