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Online Dating Tips that Helped Me Find Love

Back in my late twenties I was very much intrigued by the whole online dating scene.I was single and ready to mingle! But I didn’t know how or where to start my journey. I am now married and have a little one on the way but back when I first started my online dating experience I was very much lost. I was interested in meeting someone who was completely compatible with me in every way but I learned that I would have to make a few mistakes before I met that perfect someone. Along the way throughout my online dating journey I’ve learned alot and picked up a few tips that helped me find my perfect match. Here is my story along with tips that will help your find the love of your life online with ease.

My Journey:

So let me first tell you how I stumbled into the world of online dating. I did very little research before I jumped in to online dating. The first thing I did was search for the “online dating website” on Google. Little did I know that I would get over 50 million results. I clicked on the first link, signed up and was ready to meet a compatible match ASAP! However, instead of being matched up, I was bombarded with fake profiles and instant messages with members that didn't interest me. Now the site (that will not be named), promised to match me up with members that fit into my likes and dislikes but it didn't seem as though they did anything. They simply just matched me up with members that lived locally around my age. I was definitely dreading the idea of talking to someone who I didn't “click” with. But I would have to admit that it wasn’t the fault of the website, they delivered what they promised. It was my fault for not researching ahead of time, jumping in, paying for subscription and sitting back and expecting miss perfect to come along.

So with the first step in the wrong direction I was very much discouraged to continue and was ready to try my chances with the bar scene again. However I put in the effort forward into doing some serious research for online dating. I used Google to find my top 5 questions:

  1. What is the best online dating website
  2. Which dating website has the most amount of members?
  3. What’s the average price for a subscription to a dating service?
  4. Are there any online discounts for online dating websites?
  5. Which dating website is used/trusted the most?

With these queries I found myself being directed to well-known websites suchas eHarmony,, Christian Mingle and I researched each individual website, I compared subscription prices, the number of active members in the community, communication features and compatibility functions. After narrowing down my search I was stuck on whether I should join eHarmony or Both had their pro’s and con’s but it came down to price. I ended up joining the most trusted dating website in the world on the eHarmony free trial offer which allowed me to be matched with compatible partners up for free.
This would gave me the opportunity to test out all the features of the website without fully committing to it. If i wanted to communicate with my matches I would have to pay for a monthly subscription fee. So as I scraped through the matches I found myself being drawn to a very beautiful girl that had similar interest as me. So without wasting time, I purchased a subscription plan and immediately started communicate with her. And the rest as they, is history.

The Tips:

So what did I learn through my journey of online dating? I learned a few tips that may be helpful for you if you’re planning to dive head first into the environment of dating online. Below are some bullet points that can help you.

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH!: This is and will be the most important tip. If you think you know what you're getting into I recommend you still search for some answer  to some questions you may have before signing up with any site. Go to online forums about dating websites and ask the community. Or you can email a representative from the website that you're interested in.
  • Pick the perfect community: After you have completed your research you should narrow down your choices to two picks. DO NOT join more than one online dating website. The reason I say this is because you can put more focus and time into one community rather than two.
  • Find the Deals: A dating subscription is not cheap, infact they’re quite expensive. The more well-known a website is the mostly it may be. If you’re not sure of if you made the right pick, sign up using a free trial promotion or a discount code. This way you can save money while looking for love.
  • Fill in the Gaps. This step should be very simple to complete but many men over look it. Make sure to fill in your profile as much as possible. All the questions or empty fields should be filled/answered. This will give a more detailed appearance and shows that you are serious about find someone compatibile
  • Take your time: Now this isn’t the best tip for men I could give considering I rushed to talk to my future wife but you should take it slow with anyone you communicate with,  make sure its truly a good match.
  • Have fun!: This whole experience is suppose to be fun and exciting, so don’t stress too much and let the website do all the work for you.

So with that said, I hope my story and tips will be helpful for you and a guide you to finding that other half. As men, we tend to look passed all the tips and just go straight into it but I highly recommend that you take the time to go through each tip and use them to your advantage.