Are you looking for love, but finding it hard to meet someone? Cast your worries aside. Online dating could be the perfect choice for you. Studies have shown that one out of five marriages nowadays started with online dating. It's an efficient and interesting way to meet people that you may never have an opportunity to meet otherwise. My first piece of advice is to choose your site wisely. I recommend paid niche sites. The websites where you have to pay for access offer several safety features such as background checks or secure calls, which help reduce the risk involved with online dating. Niche sites are great because they are customized, helping you find a match that shares a similar background, belief, or lifestyle.

Once you choose a site, the next step is to set up your profile. This is where you introduce yourself and create a first impression. It is best to upload two to five pictures of yourself, including at least one good close up and one full-body shot that were recently taken and that accurately represent you. It is helpful to choose photos that let your personality shine through. If you enjoy skiing, perhaps include a photo of you on the slopes. If you are an animal love, consider including a photo of you with your pet. Doing so will make your profile more engaging and interesting, and you will likely get more interest from potential dates.

Keep your "about me" section short and sweet and make sure that all of the information you share about yourself is accurate. Try to be more unique and specific than general if possible. For example, instead of saying that you enjoy playing sports, consider explaining which ones you like most and why. This allows potential dates to grasp your personality better and also gives them something to talk to you about.

Once you have your profile all set up, start searching for and writing mail to potential dates and/or wait to receive mail from others who discover your profile. Write back and forth for a while to see if you have much in common. Once you have determined that you would both like to pursue your relationship further, meet in person in a public place first for safety reasons. This is the exciting part. Once you meet, you could discover that there's no chemistry and decide to not meet again, you could become friends, or you may just find the love of your life. Whatever you do, don't give up. Maybe try another website. Maybe take a short break from it all, but just never give up on finding love. It's out there for you. And perhaps online dating is the right way for you.