October Report: Online Earnings

This is my first earnings report. Earning online is hard, especially in the beginning. It takes perseverance and adaptability. Since I doubted people really earned when I started writing online, I think that it is really important for new writers, especially new InfoBarrel members, to see other writers making money writing at InfoBarrel. This is an overview of InfoBarrel internet earnings and other sites that includes search engine optimization (SEO) tips, plus Adsense tips

Writing to Internet Wealth - SEO, Articles and Backlinks

Although I fell short of my October goal of increasing my InfoBarrel article total to 200, I still earned. I approach this writing as though it is the funnest and coolest job that I have ever had. Some tasks are super redundant, but very important. Every month the goal is writing enough for the contest to increase revenue share to 90%. That 15% makes a huge difference in earnings. I did some backlinking, but mainly felt like I was behind in October.

I wrote at Hubpages. My goal is to build a library there both for backlink purposes and just because I think it has a different type of earning and learning potential. I'm not a fan of their layout and think it seems messy. When a site is not aesthetically pleasing then it is harder to put my writing there. I think Hubpages has too much stuff on a published hub, too many other links and a poor Adsense layout. My CTR is very low, but I earned. My first articles at any site are very rough. Since there are 11 now the quality will pick up and earnings should get better, too.

Best Online Earnings Ever Via SEO and Keyword Research

Mine anyhow! October was the highest earning month for me ever on all revenue shares site including eHow, Hubpages, and InfoBarrel. I am very happy that I've managed to significantly increase earnings for the past several months, especially at InfoBarrel. For awhile I thought that I might not get it and would stay a low earner for good. I've been in a positive learning curve since summer though. I finally read a few things that helped with search engine optimization and tried new keyword research strategies. Keyword research skills get personalized over time as you learn what works and what doesn't. Use keyword research tools because some amount of research is essential if you want to earn. Some articles win the SEO battle, others don't (and that's when you go back and edit).

One very important concept that helped me increase online earnings is building multiple revenue sources. I have over 100 articles at eHow that earn monthly and help increase my internet wealth. Those eHow articles are truly passive/residual income. They were written over a year ago, require no maintenance, and earn enough for a nice monthly check.

My total online earnings for October = $600, an earnings high I intend to reproduce and increase.

Online Earnings Overview:

Chitika earnings: October = $14.71, 30,000+ impressions, 82% earnings increase

Adsense earnings: October = $273.13, 193% earnings increase

What were InfoBarrel Earnings?

InfoBarrel Earnings: October = 177% earnings increase, approximately

InfoBarrel October Earnings = $173.70 on InfoBarrel according to the Google Analytics page. On the InfoBarrel channel my earnings were $196.70. Not sure which is correct so I counted the lower one.

Top views in one day = 854 views

Top earnings in one day = $15.36

Lowest earning day = $1.97

64 different articles earned

Chitika (14.71) + Adsense (173.70) + Amazon (40.00) = $228.41 total earnings via InfoBarrel

I experimented a lot in October with SEO, keyword research, and other ideas to make my writing stronger. I had over 30,000 views on Info Barrel with a low CTR as explained in an article I wrote about choosing keywords with earning potential.

Miscellaneous Other Earnings:

Amazon - earnings increased 1549%. Amazon was totally awesome and makes a great addition to earnings. It is also a bit of a surprise because even if someone buys an item you recommend they might get something else. I'm grateful for Amazon earnings. Some of this was from Hubpages Amazon, but most from InfoBarrel.

Adsense - there are earnings from Hubpages, Infopirate, and a couple others.

InfoBarrel was the largest earning site though when it comes down to Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon.

Increase Online Earnings Writing Success and Tips

I have been writing online for 2.5 years. When I started I had never written online ever, at least not in this format. I had written poetry, was an avid reader, was working on a book, but never written online. Your outside writing skills help you when you start writing online, however they will not carry y0u. Unless you take the time to learn keyword research,SEO, writing tips, backlinking, and other strategies to increase InfoBarrel earnings then your chance of high earnings is hampered. These are a few strategies that I learned during October either on my own, from others, or others' mistakes.

Here are some online writing success tips:

  • Pick a site and learn it. If you like InfoBarrel then commit to write 100+ articles or commit to meet the payment threshold at a site. I see new writers get overwhelmed with information and think everything needs to be done at once. It doesn't.
  • Write new content. This is the most important thing you can do.
  • Backlink...later. Yes, backlinking your top earning articles is important. Pick one or two sites to place every article you write for an easy backlink. Each of your articles deserves a few backlinks, but if you only have a couple articles written and you are concerned with signing up at all these sites to backlink, settle down. Pick one, learn it, repeat. If I had to recommend one I'd say use Infopirate (see below) and SheToldMe. You can put your Adsense ID in at SheToldMe, but it is low to nonexistant earnings. I don't earn there. It's mainly a site writers use to get dofollow backlinks.
  • Set a backlink schedule. Once/week go around and submit backlinks.
  • Use Infopirate. This is 3x good because you get dofollow backlinks, Adsense income, and a bookmarked page. They are a revenue share bookmarking site. You earn 80% revenue. This is a simple secondary source of Adsense income to help you build internet wealth. Please sign up at Infopirate, submit bookmarks, and earn. Infopirate increased my online earnings through direct revenue from them and traffic boosts here. This is my #1 recommended site to add to your list.
  • Build quality revenue streams. The better you write each article the more potential it has to earn. Use SEO and keyword research tips to optimize it for maximum earning potential. One great earning article can make you hundreds to thousands over the years. I have a few eHow articles that have earned several hundred dollars ($300-$600+), so far. That is what residual income is all about. Earnings over time with little post-work effort.
  • To new InfoBarrel writers - Don't worry too much about backlinking in the beginning. Learn how to write the articles first before trying to figure out backlinking, etc. Article content with good SEO and keyword research is the first priority.

And, the takeaway earnings and writing tip:

  • Use synonyms in the article. This is a good SEO tip. I was using them already, but a few articles did really well with them. For example, one on celebrity costumes had over 4,000 views in a month. Varieties of the keyword was used throughout. The long article used multiple words in headings plus its keywords created long tail keywords throughout. There were many ways to find that article in search. Don't destroy your main keyword set that goes along with your title (your keywords should be used in the title). If you use synonyms and lose the main meaning then re-write.

Online Earnings to Internet Wealth

Internet wealth is subjective. There are others on InfoBarrel making more than me. My October online earnings were high all around. There are fluctuations in advertising budgets, but I know that others struggled during the month with off earnings. If there is anything that you take away from this just remember not to give up. Read tips from others until something clicks for you. Ask questions (please feel free to ask questions for clarification in my articles). Once you hit a learning curve and writing online starts to feel like home then you get kind of a buzz from it. You get to earn in your pajamas! Or join InfoBarrel now to get started writing.