Jobs You Can Apply For and Do Online To Earn A Living If You Are Over 50 and Looking For An Online Employment Opportunity

With the age of the Internet Online Employment Opportunities have exploded into abundance.  For women over fifty who are looking for those perfect online employment opportunities in different fields, now is the time to get started looking.  The job market itself is touch and go but if you are persistent and fix up your resume, you can find those gems of online employment opportunities with different companies and in different fields. Here are some online employment opportunities available to women over 50.

Become A Writer

This is one of the best online employment opportunities for women over fifty.  You can write for several online publications or start your own blogs.  If you want to write for someone else, there are well over fifty places online that you can write and get paid anywhere form $10 per article to $30 per article.

  • Go to to find the links to those fifty places and fill out online job applications to take advantage of those online employment opportunities in writing. You can also visit

Become An Instructor

You can work for online colleges if you and a background in education.  Online degrees are a big hit right now and so are jobs online teaching. Online colleges like University of Phonix and Walden University have job opportunities.  High Schools are also now making online employment opportunities readily available as more and more high school students use the Internet to take their classes.

You can also work for scoring places like Pearson and other scoring organizations if you have a valid teaching degree.

Try teaching English online. Several companies will recruit you if you either have a teaching degree or if you are a native speaker to teach English to foreign student.  You do this online through skype and it pays moderately well.


Work For Google

Google usually has several openings through different subcontractors.  Some of the more common online employment opportunities for Google include: Search Engine Evaluators, Language and Translation. Other companies like Bing, Ebay and Yahoo also hire through third party contractors. 


Medical Coding and Billing

Train to become a Medical Coder and Billing Specialist and you have a lucrative at home employment opportunity with several companies.


Work As A Transcriptionist

Like the Medical Coder and Billing Specialist, as a transcriptionist you will hardly be without a job.  If you don't already have training as a transcriptionist, there are several places such as Career Step that can train you and help you with placement.


Online Customer Service and Technical Support

This is one of the largest areas of employment opportunities for women over 50.  Companies such as West Corporation, Teletech, American Airlines, ShopNBC, and other home shopping channels, Cellular phone companies and countless other companies look for people to take care of their customer service and technical support from home. 


Important Links To Help Find Online Employment Opportunities

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