Legitimate Job Leads Daily In Your Yahoo Mail, GMail or Other Email Account

Legitimate work from home jobs are on the Internet.  Many Americans stay home and make their living through work from home employment everyday.  Professional work from home individuals, need to make sure they have more than one income source because even though the work from home job industry is growing, it is still unstable.  You could have a job today and the company may decide to outsource to a foreign market to save money. It happens a lot of times with Customer Service and Telemarketing jobs. For this reason, you should always have more that one job or more than one "egg" as work-at-homers like to call it especially if you are the primary income source.

You can get qualified work at home job leads in your email everyday by setting up an RSS feed for Craigslist. The instructions below are for GMail because that's the account I have but you can customize it to fit other email programs such as Yahoo Mail, MSN or any other email account.  You can get good paying work from home jobs from Craigslist.  Many of you who already work from home know how to spot a good work from home lead and how to spot scams and spam.  When you get your RSS job feed, you will have to weed out the good leads from the scams.  However, that small task of weeding out good leads from work at home scams pale in comparison to the gems you can find once you weed out the thorns.

How To Create A Craigslist RSS Feed To Get Legitimate Work From Home Job Feeds

To protect yourself do the following:  Remember you are fishing out legitimate jobs and weeding out the scams and  spam so you will need to do the following:

  • Create a new email account from Gmail, Yahoo etc- bulk mail
  • Use a name that does not identify you--something like "job hunter" or "work from home goddess." Whatever you want.
  • Do not use your actual name when creating your GMail account put "job hunter"- Do not put "Sally Jones" (if that's your real name).  You are still fishing out good job leads from scams so you want to protect yourself if you have to send your resume or a letter of inquiry.
  • Make sure you creat two copies of your resume. One with all of your personal information disguised and the new job leads email you just created.  The other, is your real resume that you will send to companies you know are legitimate sources of work at home jobs.
  • Download Firefox (You can't do this in any other platform).  It's simple to do and if you don't like Firefox, you only have to use it when you check your work from home email so don't worry.
  • In the Firefox browser type in "about:config" (You will see a message, just past through it to get to the filter section).
  • Once you are in the filter section, type in "sendrefer"
  • Change the Value to 1
  • Then go To Crazed List at www.crazedlist.org (Crazed list gives you the option of searching many craiglist.org sites at the same time and creating RSS feeds.
  • Under the "Search for" tab on the left side, look for "Get Feeds For" in the drop down menu. You will see the orange "get feeds" button appear on the right side.
  • In the blank section next to the "Search for " tab, put in the keywords that you want to retrieve from Craigslist such as: "work from home", "telecommute", "home job", "online work", "online employment", "remote jobs", "home-based jobs" or just "home" (which should retrieve anything with "home" in it so that you can filter through and see if could be a good job lead.)
  • "Select Categories" should be "jobs", then select either "customer service" or "writing jobs" since those are the two most popular jobs for work at home professionals. Transcription jobs should pop up in one of those two work from home job categories.
  • Move down to selecting the cities: You should choose "major cities" because you are looking for online employment opportunities so location really won't matter.  If you choose smaller cities or regions then you are really doing your self a disservice by limiting your available job choices. When you are choosing the individual cities, make sure you choose place you know regularly advertises for online employment opportunities such as California, Montana, Georgia, Cities in the Midwest, etc.  Never choose "all", you won't be able to handled all the email that comes to your email account and that will totally defeat the purpose of creating this work from home job feed.
  • Hit "Get Feed" and you will see a bunch of nonsense/gibberish. This is the code for your work from home employment feed.
  • Highlight and copy the FIRST job feed.
  • Open Note pad and paste the code into your Notepad.
  • Save As type should be "all files."
  • Save the files for example: "onlinejobs.xml"
  • Save your files to your desktop.

Note: The "Save As Type" to all files and saving with the extension ".xml" is very important for your work at home job feed to work properly"


How to Import Your New Craigslist Job RSS FEED  Google Reader

  • If you are using Google, go back to your Google account under "Reader" (if you have a Google account, there is no need to create a Reader account because it automatically comes with your email account.
  • In your Google Reader, go to:
  1. Settings
  2. Import
  3. Hit Browse and import the .xml file from your desktop and hit upload
  4. Go back to Google reader and your job leads should be updated to reflect jobs for that day.

This is how you create a work from home RSS feed for Craigslist to get qualified job leads every day. You can also download an App for Iphone and Blackberry to get these leads daily as well.   When you get the right job leads that matches your particular job skills, then you can send them your real email address and your real resume when you apply for the work at home job.  Your real information will be protected until you are ready to give it out and also your email address won't be flooded with scams and spam. 


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