Online Faculty Position

What does an online faculty position look like? How does it differ from a traditional faculty position? It differs not in respect to the content, but in respect to method of delivery. Secondly, it differs in pay. The online classes pay 2 to 3 times more than the conventional course.

First of all, the course work in an online class is virtually the same as the traditional course program. What differs is the way in which the material is conveyed. For example, we know what a traditional program of study looks like. We know there are certain standard courses and that the instructor will organize and teach them in more or less a didactic style. The instructor and class will meet in a particular place and at a particular time. They will teach math, English, history, languages, etc. and these same courses are taught in the online program. So the course work is not what makes these programs different. However, the online course is asynchronous. It is not restricted by space and time. Herein lies the difference between these two modes of instruction.

Most of us are already familiar with the traditional set up; therefore, I will focus on the online program. If we follow the new instructor, he/she will first see a monitor that is divided into color coded sections. The first section is called Announcements

Online Faculty Position: Announcements

In the first section, Announcements the instructor can post office hours and messages from the Administration. Changes in the course offerings and registration may be reported. Also, emergency messages are posted. Therefore, it is important for the students to read these messages every time they sign on.

The next niche that the teacher will encounter as she moves to the bottom left of the monitor is Problems and Solutions. This strand will help the student to carry out critical thinking, whether in an online nursing degree or in online business management degrees. The process is the same. Here the student is encouraged to identify solutions and to share them with their fellow students. For example, the student may have discovered a unique way to navigate the platform and giving this tip to his classmates promotes creativity and problem solving.

In the center of the screen, we see the section tagged as Discussion Thread

Here, the instructor gives the students a problem and shares his experience of the problem and requests their try at it. The object of the process is to get students to respond to one another, to pose questions and respond to the other's responses. This process is designed to build self confidence and independent thought. An example could be a call for a diagnosis in an online nursing school. Each student is asked to state evidence supporting their diagnosis. Again, critical thinking is stressed.

The next phase is Grading

The students are graded on attendance, but the instructor does not have to call the role. This is done electronically when the student logs into the classroom. The electronic system keeps tracks of the scores students make on objective tests as well as grades on group projects and participation in Discussion Thread. This is convenient for the instructor, particularly when the instructor holds conferences with students.

The students may request a private conference and this can be done via email or telephone. This will require, however, for you to set appointments with the student in real time. Sometimes in case of a dispute between the student and the instructor another person may be present- a representative from the college or a legal representative on either or both sides. The grading panel is very useful at the end of the week when all your grades must be submitted for the week. The system organizes and averages the grades and indicates absences and participation in class activity and group work.

Sometimes, the student wants to communicate with the instructor about a content problem. In this case, the student can click on Ask the Professor and the instructor will respond in 24 hrs. The answers supplied by the instructor will be shared with the whole class, so anyone who wants clarification can profit by his/her classmate's question. Sometimes the question requires tutoring and this can be supplied. For example, if the student has difficulty with punctuation, the instructor can click on grammar and from there to the rules governing punctuation. If one wants to know how to avoid plagiarism, then the tutorial on can be very useful as a learning tool, for it scans a student text and compares it for the identification of passages for millions of texts. Once it locates the similarities, it provides a percentage of matching text. Suppose the student want to know how to make good use of the online library. This can be satisfied with an online trip through the online library. If one wants to know how to format an essay, APA (American Psychological Association) will provide the rules and the examples of usage and this is also accessible online.

Online Faculty Position: Student Lounge

Online Faculty Position in the online format stresses independence of thought and sharing. In Student Lounge

the students are given a non-graded environment. The purpose is to provide a context in which the students may share whatever they like, whether it is a content issue such as an online military degree or a personal matter. The idea is to increase the probability of student bonding. This can be a support mechanism for the student throughout his career.

It should be clear now that the online program and the traditional program do not differ in terms of academic content, but in the process of delivery. This process which breaks one out of the space/time frame is the hallmark of the online distance education. One can travel wherever one wants-out of state or out of country. You could relax on a beach in the Bahamas and still check into your class from time to time and chat with students that needed your help.

Online adjunct teaching positions are definitely the best way for an individual with an earned graduate degree, a doctorate degree or master's degree, to earn a decent income from teaching post-secondary students. Of course, it is important for any prospective online adjunct college instructor to begin applying to teach online college courses with as many accredited online bachelor degree programs and accredited online master's degree programs as possible every day in order locate possible online college adjunct compositions positions, for example. In fact, since every new and returning college student must enroll in and pass basic composition courses in order to matriculate it is an excellent idea for qualified adjunct college professors to develop a plan to find these online college classes and add them to the online teaching schedule.