The world of the online file storage service, commonly known as cloud computing is increasing by the day, this is due to the convenience of safely storing all your important documents, file, photographs and articles on a cloud computing, avoiding possible complications and lost data in the case that your computer or laptop collapses. Although many people have been using some form of online file storage service for some time now, the term cloud computing or internet cloud sounds somehow alien, but if you have ever used Yahoo to store emails and documents and Flickr or Picasa to proudly display your artistic photographs then you are already part of the increasing group of people using this powerful storage service.


Why to use a cloud computing service?

Your computer could die at any moment and if you don’t back up your data you might lose it forever and even if you do; do you really want to clog up your laptop or desktop with hundred of documents and photographs when you can easily and safely store them online? It is easy to use once you get the grasp on how to use it; if you want to make any changes, the edit and download features are great and the best part: in the majority of the cases they are FREE!

What can you store?

Basically everything you can store on your computer; from photos and videos to music files and PowerPoint presentations, word documents, excel spreadsheets, articles and any other document template available. The offsite data storage service is unlimited but we don’t fully take advantage of its great potential and secure store service.


Best Internet Cloud for Images

Although there are hundred of websites where you can store your photographs, the best ones are Flickr and Picasa, the free service will probably be enough to store all your holiday snaps, family moments, birthday photos and those taken of your children.


Flickr is probably the better known and most used photo storage service to show off your snaps; however, they only offer up to 100 MB for free – more than enough for a person who takes photographs sporadically but if you are a professional, the paid subscription might be your best choice. Flickr is easy to use, uploading your photographs, editing and organizing them is not complicated at all, but be aware that the maximum size of your photograph is only 1084 pixels wide on the free subscription.


Picasa Web Albums is superior in terms of free storage and accessibility; the free subscription allows you up to 1024 MB of free storage; this is more than enough for the majority of us; in fact, only few people (professional photographers) go beyond this limit. Uploading your photos couldn’t be any easier if you manage to install Picasa photo editing software onto your computer, this software compiles all images stored in your computer in very organized folders that displayed on the screen, from there you just need to press a button to safely store them on Picasa web albums. You can create, edit or delete albums and photographs easily and while the free version is more than enough, there is an upgrade storage option that allows you to purchase additional storage.


Best Internet Cloud for Documents

Google Docs is a fantastic place where you can store all kind of document templates: word, spreadsheets, presentation slides, PDF files, forms, etc. It couldn’t be any easier if you already have a Google account and the chances are that you already do – simple log in or create a new account or email and click on documents at the top of the screen, from there you simple upload everything you want to save. The beauty of Google docs is that you can create new documents or edit them from the storage site, the template is very similar to Microsoft and it has the option to keep all your documents as private or share them with others if needed. The free version allows up to 1GB of free upload and the paid service gives you 20 GB – probably this is all you will ever need.