Online Food Ordering

The Rise of Online Ordering

Given the strong internet culture in Australia, it’s a surprise that online food ordering hasn’t happened sooner. But with the unstable economy and rising food prices, more and more people are dependent on their smartphone or laptop to save time by connecting them with local eatery establishments that help them eat fresh and local, without blowing their budget. Here’s a look at interesting and innovative food trends happening in Australia that may just change the way we think about our mealtime and food delivery services.

Book a Cook to Cook for You

There’s been a real rise in underground restaurants for chefs who are unable to afford a permanent establishment in times of economic downturn but still want to produce some amazing dishes with unique ingredients. Bookacook creates a two way street where patrons who want an alternative to expensive dining out or have special diet needs can literally book a cook for their evening meal or a special occasion with friends and family. The chef can then try out interesting recipes on an appreciative audience and make a living preparing and cooking meals without all the hassles associated with operating a large restaurant.

Improved Local Takeaway Delivery

Online food ordering is at its best when it comes to local takeaway available for home delivery. But the trend has gone one step further by compiling a list of restaurants in major Australian cities and letting you choose from a database of neighbourhood takeaway restaurants based on cuisine. You no longer need to know the number of your nearby pizzeria because the entire procedure is now done online with extensive food menus and drinks available to view and order online, changing the way busy families save money by skipping an expensive night out by eating restaurant food at home.

Electronic Catering for the Office

As a solution to the lunchtime catering or the Sunday garden party, ecatering is a new way to place orders for large banquets in advance, and be sure the deli company doesn’t forget the order. Ecatering is a new Aussie startup who has conquered the world of corporate catering by providing an online menu of local catering establishments and letting you select the amount of food, and schedule it for delivery at any time or date in the future. Companies claim that ecatering is more convenient for them because it lets them schedule in advance, produces instant receipts and provides menus to be browsed at a leisurely pace.

For the Sport Obsessed

Although not yet in Australia, Mangia is included because of how popular it would be in Australia, and what an interesting idea it actually is. Currently only in the US, this smart app lets you order food and drink at the sports game and get it delivered directly to your seat so that you don’t miss a minute of the action. With easy payment and seat service, it’s already proven quite popular in stadiums that utilise it. It even lets you shop for merchandise, letting you get a new jersey and some grub delivered to your seat for some pretty innovative customer service.

We already order books, clothes, appliances and media on the internet, so there’s no reason why fresh food ordering online shouldn’t be the next big thing. And online ordering services are set to grow and expand in the years to come as economic market trends improve. Check out what ordering sites are near you and let modern technology make your life that little bit easier with the press of a button.