There is plenty of online advice for beginning freelance writers that is printed all over the Internet. However, my own experience tells me that there is one obstacle that trips up more writers than any other, delays more careers, or even ends them. Based on the questions I often get on my freelance writing blog, and from several years of observing many writers come (and most of them go), to me it's abundantly clear that the hardest part to freelance writing is just getting started.

Let's face it, you could read blogs forever. If you type in the words "freelance writing blog" into Google without those quotes, you get 3.8 million responses. If you type in that phrase and leave the quotes in, then you only get 146,000 choices as of this writing. Look for articles, HubPages, or Squidoo lenses on the subject and you'll find hundreds or even thousands more.

Basically you can prepare yourself for years to become a freelance writer without ever taking that first step or writing a single piece. In fact, that was exactly what I did for almost a full year until a car accident left me no other option but to succeed as an online freelance writer or starve.

The best advice you can get from any writer anywhere is this: get started now! There are tons of great sites online to write for, so find some of the more trusted sites like Info Barrel, Constant-Content, eHow, oDesk, and others and just start writing. The hardest part is starting to move forward. If you just publish 10-20 articles and get that first PayPal payment, that first AdSense click, then you'll be hooked and the momentum has started.

But as a professor of mine once said: "Writers write." Go ahead and sharpen your skills, read good informative articles and blogs, but never forget that to be a writer you have to actually write. That's the best advice I can give you. As soon as you finish reading this article, stop and write one. Then you'll have taken your first step to a long and fulfilling journey.