Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping can be a lifesaver for anyone that is ill or recovering from surgery or an illness, unable to drive or even due to bad weather conditions and unable to get out to the grocery store. Many online grocery shopping sites are popping up that will deliver groceries to your door with a minimum order for super convenience if and when you need groceries and can't get to the store yourself.

Many online grocery sites ship within the USA within 2-6 days depending on your area of the country and they will provide this information so that you can plan accordingly.

This is also a great option for many senior citizens that have mobility issues and for safety reasons, online grocery shopping is a viable option. Online grocery shopping can help you save money on gas prices and save you time if you have a very busy lifestyle.

How online grocery shopping works

Find an online grocery shopping site such as and make your grocery list. Note that many of these online grocery sites have a minimum order needed of at least $40 so keep this is mind as you prepare your grocery list.

Search the online grocery shopping site for all categories of grocery items that they sell such as pharmacy, bath and beauty care, canned and dried foods, cereals, hot and cold drinks, paper products, pasta, potatoes and rice, spices and baking goods, laundry supplies, candy and snacks. Note that most of these sites do not sell or offer fresh meats or seafood although canned meats and seafood are available as well as microwave able meals and dinners.

Print the price list for the site and notice that many of these online grocery shopping sites allow you to purchase either one individual item or to save even more money, you can buy a case of something. This is especially useful for items that you may use more frequently such as tuna, peanut butter, paper products or vegetables.

Look for current sale items to save even more money on groceries just as you do in the actual stores.

Click on the categories section of the grocery shopping site to find the list of items available and in stock and add a quantity in the small square available, then click on the add to cart button.

Note that many of the items available are popular brand names so you can rest assured that you know the product you want and won't be getting a generic brand that you may not want or know.

Once your grocery list is completed and your cart is full of all the goodies you want, proceed to the checkout area, fill out your billing information including your address to ship to (online grocery shopping sites will ship to residential or business addresses), review your order for accuracy and double check that the address is right.

Tax is based on your states tax laws and shipping is 22-27% which should be weighed against the cost of gasoline, time and how badly you need groceries. Homebound individuals will probably find this price worth it especially if they have no other assistance to get food in the house.

Use your credit card to process your order, print your order and wait for UPS to deliver your online groceries to your front door! Check your order on arrival as well as expiration dates to make sure that everything is current and intact.

Ask a family member or neighbor is they might also be interested in online grocery shopping if you use similar items, you could both save a lot more money if you buy cases of products to stock your pantry. Shipping costs are then divided and could help you to save money.

Note that if you need assistance with online grocery shopping, each site will offer an email address or phone number so that you can ask questions or discuss any concerns you may have with shopping online.

Good luck with online grocery shopping and it could be something that really helps you or someone you know during a difficult time if not routinely.