Retiring young is not a myth yet, for many is more of a utopia than anything else, a dream that never seems to come true. Retiring at a relatively young age like mid 40s is nothing uncommon nowadays thanks to the magic of the internet. While not uncommon it takes quite an amount of discipline to achieve and a lot of hard work. It takes a healthy dose of discipline in a sense that it involves amassing lots of assets that can be either created like websites or bought like investing in bonds, stocks and other investment grade securities but this requires saving money, being frugal and steady re-investing.Retiring Young is No Easy Task.Credit:

Creating assets like online websites and web 2.0 properties like Infobarrel articles takes a considerable amount of time but in the end it is worth it. If combined with and investment plan your net worth can grow faster and faster as more assets are being created and investments are being bought at the same time. A person working at a full time job that develops a good money saving discipline can invest that money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities that generate income or that appreciate in value and can be sold later at a profit. At the same time that person can work a few hours from home per week and start generating articles to build a website or post them in a site like this one that shares revenues. The money earned from online projects can either be either be reinvested in more dividend stocks, bonds and other financial assets or be used to buy websites from webmasters that are already making money. The cycle is endless and the more the money is reinvested, if done correctly, the more money will be generated.

This cycle consists almost completely of investing activities since buying a stock or a site to earn profits is considered an investment even if they are two different types of assets. What is not investing in the traditional sense is creating articles in your spare time and posting them to earn revenues. Still, if you look at it you are investing your time to produce them and time is money. In the end, the idea is to accumulate enough assets that send enough cash home to cover your lifestyle. If you manage to do this you are financially independent and can work at your own pace without having to wake up early in the morning. That is unless you decide to keep growing your assets which is a good idea especially when you can do it without a lot of work related stress.

Pulling off such as strategy requires a lot of dedication but a lot of people have done it. There are many webmasters and freelancers that have become financially independent in just five years by writing on their blogs while others have become financially independent over many years. Others reinvest what they earn and have become millionaire entrepreneurs. All you really need is dedication, discipline and a dream.

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