It makes sense that some people would be reluctant to shop for jewelry online. What if the piece doesn't fit? What if the shipment gets lost or damage? What if it doesn't look the same as in the online photos when it arrives? All these questions are valid. But before making hasty decisions, it's good to consider the positive aspects of shopping for jewelry online as well as the negative ones. Here is a brief account of the pros and cons of jewelry shopping to help you decide.


Price: By doing business online, a jeweler avoids the overhead costs inherent in owning a traditional jewelry story. No shipping costs or rental costs, among other things. This means that those savings get passed onto you when the online jeweler is determining prices.

Selection: Online jewelry retailers usually have a bigger selection of unique pieces than do traditional retailers. You'll find rare designs and plenty of styles.

Speed: Shopping online is fast. You eliminate the trip to the mall and back. Just browse and select and with only a few clicks, you're done.

Convenience: You can browse through a wide selection of rings, necklaces and bracelets from the comfort of your home. No more dealing with traffic, parking, annoying salespeople or crowds of frantic shoppers.

Easy access to information: Online, you will have instant access to any information you want. If you come across a question concerning the different types of diamond cuts or a certain kind of engagement ring, you can simply look it up and get an answer that will quite possibly be more useful than the one you'll get from a salesman.


Customer Service: On the flip side of the coin, while salespeople can be at time overbearing, sometime you actually do want to speak to real person. That real-life interaction is quite simply not available when shopping online. So if having a face to relate to is essential to your shopping process, online might not be the right choice for you.

Security: Many people are still worried that shopping online, because it means providing private account information, is not to be trusted. But while identity theft and bank account fraud still occurs from time to time, chances are this won't happen to you. Online jewelers operate with sophisticate encryption code to keep all your information safe.

Shipment: Online shipments can get lost or damaged on the way to your house. To avoid having problems with lost shipments, read your online jewelry store's policy on lost or damaged merchandise and make sure that they have some kind of insurance or warranty that covers it.

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