Burger King is one of the largest fast food franchises in America today. With over 7,000 various company and independently owned franchises they can offer plenty of different jobs for those individuals searching for employment.  Applying for a job with the fast food giant is possible through an online job application.

Employment with the Burger King is touted as not an ordinary job. They are a company that appreciates their employees as individuals and for what they are and everything that you have the potential to be. They provide opportunities to work full time or part time and they have a wide variety of opportunities for openings around the nation.

You can search for open positions with Burger King by position or according to the location you wish. They also have a separate category where they have grouped open positions with the company according to job groups.  For an example, this means they are sorting jobs by career categories such as managers, shift coördinator, team members and other positions.

These are directions to complete your online job application for Burger King to get you a step ahead of the rest.

  • Log into the Burger King website to begin the application process.
  • Select Job Search
  • You can search for open positions according to location, category or position
  • If you choose to search by category you can choose corporate or in restaurant
  • Whichever you choose you get a drop down menu to zero in on the open positions that interest you
  • Match your skills and ability to the position that fits you best


Burger King has a wonderful variety of positions that can be overwhelming, don’t allow this to happen. Complete your online application with these tips to make your online application a success.

Complete all of your information with care

Make certain you fill in all blank fields. If information doesn’t apply to you show this. Put “does not apply” don’t leave the fields blank.

Edit your work and check for grammatical as well as spelling errors. Make your application professional. Answer questions as professional as possible.  Avoid using slang or jargon.

Be honest with your online application information

Keep it honest. Avoid fudging any information. The data and figures you give for your last employer will be verified and you don’t want to miss out on a job application for something as simple as a stretched date to fill in a gap in employment. This could ruin your credibility before you even start.

Have references at the ready

Make sure your reference information is up to date. Are your phone numbers and addresses good? Contact your references to prepare then to get a phone call or contact from your application with Burger King

Have your résumé in hand

Having your résumé in hand when you complete the online job application with Burger King will make completing the material a breeze.

These are tools you can use to make certain you send a great online application to Burger King and get the job you want.