Online Management Training - Weighing the Pros and Cons

Is online management training right for you?  That's the question you should ask yourself before reading the rest of this article.

Training online for a new skill or job is a great idea if you can afford it, and those who are serious about management can quickly get involved as an IT manager.   Whether you're just starting out or changing careers, getting into management has its perks; however, there is a downside to taking your management classes online instead of in a traditional classroom setting.  It's important that you weigh your options carefully and make the right choice for yourself.

There are several cons to this type of training.  First, it's all self-directed.  If you're not a self-starting person who works best alone, then online management training is not the type of training for you.  Secondly, if you prefer a classroom setting, you won't get that online.  In many online classes, there is absolutely no face-to-face time with a professor or instructor.  If you ask a lot of questions and expect an answer right away, you won't get it.  Unless you know your instructor's real life schedule outside of class, it'll be primarily trading emails back and forth.

Given the logistical problems preventing face-to-face meetings and the solitary nature of learning online with the practical, fact-based approach, these shouldn't be enough of a worry to detract you from your goal of finishing online management training.  Look at the bright side here.  Self-directed learning and regular email communication are two of the keys to make online management training.  While it's not for everyone, working at your own pace and being able to work on assignments at any time is an attractive option for a lot of people.

Who says you won't be able to meet new people via online management training.  While the focus should be on the class work—and rightfully so—the little network of people you slowly build over the course of your academic career has the same effect as doing the same thing in a classroom.  The classroom environment does have the advantage of personal, face-to-face access to teachers.  However, nothing beats waking up in the morning and not having to go to class.  Rain or shine, midnight or mid-day, your classroom will be there waiting for you.  This is a definite advantage for non-traditional students who may seem overwhelmed and out of place on a college campus full of 18-22 year olds.