online money making scams

If you were to look for ways to make money online you will more than likely come across many websites that promise a “secret” behind the money. You will look at a few videos lasting anywhere from five to ten minutes which are very vague and tell you exciting stories about the person making the video and how they went from "rags to riches" in no time.

While it is possible for a few people to make money online fast with a few lucky breaks, actually earning income online is much different. There really is no secret; there are just a few strategies that will work and even then you will probably need another source of income to make a living at least for a few months.

It Is Hard Work

The biggest problem with the “make money online quick” programs is that they promise that you will not have to work that much to succeed. Nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases you will probably work at making money on the internet harder than you work at your regular job; that is if you really want to make it. Most of the hard work takes place at the beginning when you need to start establishing yourself in the market and it will eventually get easier over time.

It is easy to spend six to seven hours working online in addition to the work that you do at your job. The point is that the more you work online the faster you will start seeing results. The ads saying that making money online is easy can make people give up when they do not start seeing results within a month or two. If they knew it would likely be difficult, they would willingly give a little more of themselves to their projects.

Do People Make Money Of Those Programs

When you see a program that claims it will make you rich in a couple of months by using an online strategy you may wonder if someone actually makes money. The truth is that some people make money, but it is not usually the people trying the program. For the most part there will be a sign up to try the program, then other fees for special features that will make the program work better for you. While you are paying the fees, the people selling the program make money, but you are just spending it.

Some programs will give you a money back guarantee, but then make it incredibly hard to exercise that option. Because the fee that they charged at the beginning is not that high, some people simply decide to take their loss and forget about that money. You end up losing 10-30 dollars and gave up on the money-making online process.

Scam Flags

Because a lot of people are enthusiastic about possibly leaving their jobs they will try the programs that promise money-making strategies. Notice that they are not really promising you a product, but rather a strategy. After you pay for the product they could really tell you anything and they will have met their end of the bargain. They can make a program last 90 days, but give you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have not made money after 30 days then that is because you have to do the program for 90 days.

Look for those types of flags and you will start recognizing the scams. Another good way to see if a program is a scam is to Google the name of the program followed by the word “scam”. You will see a lot of results, so you have to look at where the reviews are coming from. Scammers will buy domain names that say that the program is not a scam so that those who see that website will believe that the review they are reading is from a real person who tried the program. Look for reviews on scam report websites and other reputable review sites to see what others have to say.

What Actually Works

If you really want to make money from home on the internet you will have to work hard, but doing what? There are a lot of things that will pay you for your time, and the reality is that you will have to do a few of them. If you were to stick to blogging, then you would need to have several blogs and advertise them a lot to get the viewers that you need to make money. You want an average of ten thousand visitors a day to start making a good amount of residual income. You can also sell items online, work with domain names, freelance work, etc. Even some survey websites are worth trying, but you need to research them before you sign up to make sure that you are not wasting your time.

Do I Need To Spend Money?

The idea is that to make money online you will need to make an initial investment. In reality, the truth is that you will not always have to put up some money to see some extra cash in your bank account. Blogging is one of the most popular ways to work online, and it is a good idea to get your own domain name but it is not necessary. You could get a free blog from blogger or WordPress without paying any money for it. You can then put some ads on your blog and you are ready to go and start earning money.

Affiliate programs are mostly free. They work by paying you each time someone makes a purchase through your blog or website. You can also write for some websites and they will pay you a percentage of the money they make from the ads on the work you do for them. There are freelance websites where you people will hire you for a project right away without paying money up front, and you can sell items on free internet classified websites. You do not need to invest a penny to start making money, but you have to do so in an intelligent way.