Many people look for a PDF to Word converter tool online. It's simple to change your .pdf file into a Microsoft Word document if you know which free tool is best to use. This article will layout your options for switching between these two popular file types. 

Using's Free Trial

If you just want a quick-and-dirty transfer and you're not planning on constantly changing your pdfs into Word docs, you can go ahead and use pdftoword's free trial online. They ultimately want you to buy their software, which you could then use locally on your machine, but you can use the free trial to convert a pdf quickly by clicking the upload button on the left sidebar and specifying the e-mail below where you want your finished Word document sent. 

Using The Actually Free Tool at

While pdftoword is in the game to sell their software, seems to only want to earn some extra adsense income with two aggressive rectangular blocks at the top of their page. Regardless, you can find a real software tool here you can download to your computer and use. Unfortunately, this is a program for PC users, so folks using Mac will need to look elsewhere for a smooth conversion experience. The good news for PC users is that hellopdf's tool will support pdfs made in adobe versions 1.0 to 1.6 and it will handle images and tables correctly, too. 

An Option For Mac Users

Mac users looking for a quick fix online can change their pdf files by using the web tool located at The best part about this particular tool is that it doesn't require you to give away your e-mail address, since it makes the word document immediately available after the online conversion is complete.

Many of the other tools that do these conversions want to collect your e-mail simply so that they can regularly spam you with offers to buy their products. Although does have a proprietary software for sale that will allow you to change your documents over on your own desktop, with or without an internet connection, you don't have to buy it to use their free online tool. 

One final thing you should be aware of when using pdfonline's tool is that they will insert a link back to their domain at the bottom of the document they convert for you, so make sure to take this out first if you are forwarding the file on to another business contact - unless you want to look silly! Also, sometimes the site will spit back an RTF file as opposed to a Word doc!

The Best Online PDF Converter I've Found So Far

Taking the cake both for visual appeal and actual performance is the free web tool found at Sleek and simple, the site loads quickly and allows you to do a simple two-click process to upload and convert your pdf and automatically download your converted word document. When I tested this site I found it to run flawlessly and its conversion was perfect. It displayed images correctly and in the right spots and it was even quick to perform the change online. also offers other online conversion tool that will allow you to change your pdf files into html, for example. You've also got less commonly seend options like text to pdf, html to pdf and pdf to image, which could be quite useful for folks that build websites or create brochures or do other graphically-intensive things online.