Online personal training gives you the results of a personal trainer but without the steep fees

Have you wanted to hire a personal fitness trainer but they're too expensive? Online Personal Trainer programs could be just the thing.

Online personal training allows you to follow a fitness program that's been designed for you, which means you can find a workout program that suits your fitness, weight or health goals, but you don't have to journey all the way to a gym, and you don't have to fork out on the expense of hiring a personal trainer. You can do it any time, in the comfort of your home or during your lunch hour at work.

And what's more: a personal trainer software program should also allow you to punch you results into their interactive software so you can track your progress and modify your workout along the way should you need to.

What to look for in a good online personal training program: the basics

  • An ability to create a tailor-made fitness and training program for you, just as a personal trainer would, and one that can be modified as you go along
  • A good variety of workouts that are well presented and easy to follow
  • A way to track your progress with multiple graphs, goals and statistics
  • A easy interface to use
  • A free trial or a moneyback guarantee
  • A price that you feel is affordable and worth the investment

What to look for in a good online personal training program: useful extras

  • An accompanying diet program that is easy to follow
    • allows you to swap foods if the food or meal they suggest is available
    • is practical : you can find their suggested meals and ingredients easily
    • has variety
    • may be modified as you make progress and lose weight
    • has an online nutritionist or forum section so you may seek advice for your specific requirements
    • offers a vegetarian option should you need it
  • A community such as a forum

The best way to use online personal training software

  • Input your data properly so you can track your results and watch your progress. Seeing yourself getting closer to your fitness goals on a smart-looking graph will help keep you motivated
  • Get in the mindset of being a professional athlete: professional sports men and women also have graphs which plot their performance, progress and stats. Act is if you are a professional athlete too, getting ready for a big sports event and print out your graphs, study and review them about once a week

Personal training helps push you a lot harder than you would do on your own. Online personal training can do the same thing if you make full use of them.

To your health and fitness goals!