Online photo editing software (and sites) has become a popular and easy way to clean up, decorate, pimp out and add to your every day photo's. Whether you are looking for online photo editing to create your Facebook or Myspace profile pics, decorate for scrapbooking or an online album or trying to spiff them up for this years Christmas cards you have several options to meet your editing needs.

Online Photo Editing and Creation

1) The first program you can try is GIMP. GIMP is an online photo editing software that can be downloaded and used to retouch, edit, create, crop and so much more. This program is probably the closest you will find to the costly PhotoShop editing software that you may have heard about. The download for this picture altering software can be found at - not to be confused with the parked page that takes up the .com site.

2) The second Online photo editing program is called Picasa. This software is from Google and gives you the ability to do more basic picture fixes. The features provided include: red eye removal, color fix, geo tagging, collage creation, slideshow maker, add text and organization. This photograph editor won't be as thorough for someone who needs to "create" or "decorate" but carries all the basics for clean up.

3) The 3rd option is Picnik which is a bit more "spunky" in comparison to some of your other choices. The online photo editing software through Picnik allows you to do several things to and with your pictures* including edit, create and share. Editing: this feature includes, red eye removal, rotate, crop, color fix, exposure, sharpen and resize. Create: the create feature offers numerous altering possibilities including add feature effects such asl add vampire teeth, zombify, add a mustache, flowers, frames, color change (sepia, black and white, soften, matte etc), add text (with numerous text styles to choose from), add stickers, clone, curves, levels and more. Save and share feature allows you to save your new picture creation and allows you to send it to Twitter, Buzz, Flickr, Facebook, email to friends and more.

* Some features are only available with an upgrade purchase.

4) A fourth option is FotoFlexer, another online photo editing service which incorporates some of the features found in expensive photo editing softwares and the creativity of the less "technical" programs only with an easier to use format. Some of the features you get with this online photo editing editor are: add text, distortions, layers, color change, color enhancer, add shapes, create posters, morph, doodling and common touch ups. This online photo editor allows you to get your photo's from Facebook, Picasa web albums, photobucket, Flickr , your computer and more.

For online photo editing, as with any other project, you will find that there are numerous softwares and sites at your disposal. Finding the one that will work best for you may take a little playing around which can take a little time but finding the right online photo editing software can be priceless - especially when it's free!

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