Be An Online Proofreader

Want to learn how to be online proofreader?  There are plenty of online proofreading jobs out there if you know where to look and you have necessary to skills to be a proofreader.  If you're someone with a solid grasp of the English language you're sure to have come across websites or newspaper articles that have glaring grammatical or spelling errors. If you're a person who can proofread quickly and spot these writing errors and enjoy reading you may have what it takes to become an online proofreader.

However, simply having good English language skills or an impressive vocabulary is not all it takes to be a proofreader. While being an effective online proofreader begins with this there are other skills required for online proofreading jobs such as an understanding of commonly used proofreading symbols and techniques.  A thorough knowledge of these proofreading skills will help you stand out when looking for online proofreading jobs.

Copyediting and Proofreading Jobs OnlineIf you lack proofreading experience, there are entry level online proofreading jobs which will allow you to gain some experience in the proofreading field. Many publishing companies have outsourced their proofreading jobs, and they don’t always look for the person with the most experience.  This makes it simpler to find online proofreading jobs without experience. You can look for entry level proofreading jobs online.  You can also improve your proofreading skills through online classes. You should also pick up a good reference book like the one pictured here to refresh your memory regarding punctuation, grammar and other essential copyediting and proofreading skills.

Once you're feeling confident about your ability to proofread professionally you can then begin to search for the best online proofreading jobs available. There are many legitimate online proofreading jobs out there but you also need to use caution when conducting your job search and avoid work at home scams.  Avoid any or company which requires you to pay an upfront fee. Companies like these are almost always not going to be able to provide you with legitimate online work.  There is no needing pay anything to companies offering online proofreading jobs.  They should be paying you!

Once you've found a company that's offering a job for proofreaders to work from home, make sure you do your research and check out the company online, looking for any complaints about shady business practices.

One of the best places to find online proofreading jobs are freelance or virtual assistant websites where individuals and companies have placed online proofreading jobs and proofreaders like you bid on those jobs.  Before bidding on a job, think carefully how long it will take you to proofread the documents and complete the job.  If you overestimate your proofreading speed you could be working for much less per hour than you would like.  Proofread fast, but thoroughly.  If you accept a position through one of these freelance sites, make sure you perform the job as required, on time and with good communication with the employer.  Completing an online proofreading job satisfactorily will result in your receiving good feedback on your profile there.  A poor job will result in poor feedback and thus will reduce your chances in the future of finding online proofreading jobs.

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