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Online Relationship

Online Relationships

 Online relationships can be great and they can be not so great. The problem is that you really don't know anything about this person not even if they really look as they say they do. They may show you a pic, but the pic can be of someone else or they may not even be the gender that they say they are! If you think about it long and hard you may not even consider taking the first step.

 Online relationships are here to stay some will work out great, some will end on a sad note and some will end in violence. You just never know what or who is on the other end of the relationship. I did do a little online dating a few years back, so I'm familiar with what the issues are.

It was what I would call a learning experience since at the time I wasn't internet savvy. I met some interesting people and a few dead beats as well. Some I even ended up dating offline and again some were okay and others were kind of weird

To help you who are reading this and contemplating online relationships let me tell you how it really is. First of all many people who you meet online have fear of commitment issues and are online so that they can avoid them and have no intentions of taking the relationship to another level.

After all, they don't have to commit to a darn thing except sending emails and hanging out in chat rooms. Beware of getting emotionally involved with someone online or you may have a huge let down when you finally attempt to meet with them or solidify a commitment of any kind.

Speaking of meeting them let's first go into the phone call which is usually the first step in communication and will make them more real to you when you hear a voice. Do not give out your real numbers instead plan ahead and purchase a prepaid cell phone this way you are practicing safety.

Talk with them by phone several times and get info from them about family, past relationships, interests, career and what have you. Be honest about yourself and don't lie, because sooner or later you will have to come clean if you have intentions of going forward just don't tell too much.

 By not too much I mean your address or any way that they can track you to where you live or work just in case they're psycho. Also, be careful to not allow anything to slip out like a last name or whatever. Keep in mind, sooner or later one of you will want to meet in person then the real fun begins!

Always meet with them in a public place do not allow them see your vehicle or ID, credit cards etc. Stay to the extreme side of safety until you feel like it's okay to let your guard down somewhat. When it comes to online relationships do not let emotions rule, but instead use wisdom and logic.

Whatever you do don't give them money or anything of value there are many con artists online suckering people in with sob stories. You hear about them every day and its bad news don't be one of those people.

The good news is that there are people in online relationships that get married and have a great life together. It is possible for it to happen, so don't be paranoid just err to the side of caution and do your due diligence.