Today, attaining a high SAT score is more important than ever for entering the college of your choice. One of the best ways to do this is by practicing for the SATs before taking the actual test. Fortunately, there are many resources available online which can make this process easy and convenient for you.

What Resources are Available for SAT Study Online?

It is possible to find both free and paid resources on the Internet. Free resources are often a less complete version of a paid book, course or test, but they can be found as complete modules. Paid resources are anything from study books, practice tests, quizzes, flash cards for memorizing vocabulary, even writing assignments.

Tips for SAT Study Online and Effective Test Taking

Study for the correct format – One way you can prepare for SAT tests is by knowing what types of questions will appear on it ahead of time. It is impossible to know exactly what questions appear on the SATs, but studying for similar questions is still helpful to improving your score.

Know the directions ahead of time – As the SAT is timed, you want to know what you're doing before taking the real test. By studying the directions in a course or guidebook before test day, you won't have to spend time on them during the real thing.

Practice under pressure – Another good way to improve your score is by setting a time limit when taking SAT practice tests. This will help you cope with the pressure when taking a real test.

Don't Guess – guessing on the SATs is more harmful than not. This is because the formula has been calculated so that wrong answers reduce your score more than not answering anything at all.

Answer the easiest questions first – If you are struggling with the answer to a question, don't waste time on it. Instead, skip to the next question you can answer. This will allow you to answer the most questions possible during your test.

It is very easy to fit an online study guide into busy schedules because it is available right at your computer. This has helped more people than ever to study for their SAT's and achieve the highest score possible. And the higher your score, the more likely you will be able to enter the college of your choice.