Have you ever thought about going to school online? If so I want to share somethings about online schooling that you may want to consider before jumping into it.

First of all do you own a computer and a printer? If so you are in great shape more online schools require this and a little more to start off with. Also you should have mircosoft office as well you might be able to use openoffice however you will need to download the free mircosoft reading program in order to read assigments and so forth while attending online.

I think next you should have an idea how much time you can devote to being in school online. For me I say you should be able to devote at least 10 hours a week if not more. Going to college online is different from tradtional methods.

After all of this you must consider how you will pay for your online schooling. For me I choose to fill out a free FAFSA online to see what I could get in terms of grants from the government. This is free to do and I suggest that you head there after thinking over all the above.

Next you will need to look at what online schools appeal to you. All of them are not the same and be sure to make calls or send emails to any schools that you may consider. Not all will give loans or grants so be sure to ask before applying to any online schools.

Also I want to say you should make sure the college is accredtied as well. If not than I would move on to a new one. With accredation than you would be wasting your time and your money.

In closing you should really look at all your options when it comes to making a choice to do online schooling. I am currently doing this and love it compared to offline but this choice does not work for everyone so please be informed and do your homework on it.