Selling With Integrity

Online Sales

Internet marketing in general and affiliate marketing in particular are rapidly growing fields. A lot of people decide to make money online by selling other people’s products and services on their own blogs, websites and other outlets. If you already have a job that you like, affiliate marketing can be a great way to supplement your primary source of income. But actually, some people find that they enjoy affiliate marketing or Internet marketing so much and that they are so skillful at it that they ultimately make the decision to pursue it full time.

Find an online product to sell. This will require some research. A good place to start is the clickbank website. This site features many different products to promote. It is not a perfect website, but it is relatively easy to navigate, making it rather user friendly for new affiliate marketers. There are certainly other sites to consider, but this is a decent starting point. 

Always try the product yourself first. (Contact the person who created the product to let them know that you are thinking about selling it as an affiliate.) Many product creators are open to the idea of giving free copies (also commonly known as review copies) to people who are serious about selling their products. Not all product creators will give out review copies to potential affiliates, but many will, so it never hurts to ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Please note, if you try out a particular product and find that it does not live up to the hype, don’t sell it because you won’t sound sincere in your sales copy. Once you have found a product that you really like, move on to the next step. 

Create a killer promotional campaign around the product. Talk it up on all of your online outlets. For instance, if you have blogs, blog about it every chance you get. Discuss the product(s) on all of your other online platforms as well. (Be sure to include your affiliate link everywhere so that you get proper credit and commissions for every sale you make as an Internet marketer.) Since you chose a product that you have tried yourself and that you actually like, it should not be too difficult for you to promote the product in a sincere manner and to come across as believable to potential customers. 

Mention the pros and cons of any product(s) you are promoting in your campaign. No product is perfect. If you are going to mount a believable promotional campaign for the product you are selling, you need to be honest about what is great about it and what is not so great about it. Of course you will still need to present it in a positive light overall because you are trying to make sales.