Online shopping for rtf rc airplanes can be a great way for beginner pilots to shop.  Shopping online allows you to find bargains, that cannot be found everywhere.

Well let's talk about them.

 Why are they good buys for shoppers? 

 - What are rtf rc airplanes?

- What are three great online hobby stores?

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping for aircraft?

- Are they perfect for beginner pilots? 

- My experiences with buying models online. 

Alpha 40 Trainer

What are RTF RC Airplanes? - RTF(Ready to Fly) are rc airplanes that require no building. They have been factory built.


Are they expensive? - Yes many models are expensive, because when you purchase from an online store,  the aircraft sell as packages called combos.


They range in price from $300.00 - $500.00

A combo includes the following:

- Airplane

- Engine

- Propeller

- Receiver and servos installed

- Transmitter


    A very good flying model Listed below.

     It is called an alpha 40.    






What are Three Great Online Hobby Stores

There are many fine stores to choose from, but consider the following:

1. Tower hobbies - A leading manufacturer of great aircraft, cars, trucks, helicopters and accessories.

2. Great Planes Manufacturing - Also a leader in radio control planes, helicopters and cars.

3. Horizon hobby - Excellent product development and distribution center of brands, such as Hangar 9, Eflite, Parkzone, Losi and Evolution engines.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping for Radio Control Aircraft

The advantages are:

- Compare prices from store to store

- Order products more quickly online

- Locate information about aircraft


The disadvantages are:

- Items damaged via shipping

- Items lost via shipping

- Items out of stock

- You cannot see or inspect the aircraft before buying


Are They Perfect for Beginner RC Pilots

Yes, ready to fly models can be very close to perfect.

Why? there are several reasons:

* No building required

* Ultimate combo, everything included  for first flight

* Fly in minutes

* Many beginners do not want to build an airplane, but would rather fly.  It is more fun to learn how to fly, rather than build a model.

* Prebuilt aircraft allow new fliers to fly in mere minutes.

* An ultimate combo is fine, but inexperienced fliers will benefit from flying instructions with an experienced flight instructor.  

Do not attempt to fly an aircraft, if you have never flown. Visit a local hobby store in your area, and ask about flying lessons.    

My Experiences with RTF RC Airplanes

Well they have been good and bad, what do I mean, you might ask?

 Ok the good first, the ultimate combo package I received was a highwing trainer.

 It had everything included I needed, and flew very well in the sky. At the time I had flown a few other planes, and was able to fly it safely.

Now for the  bad side of purchasing airplanes.

I bought a hot sports plane, it was hanging from the ceiling.

Well I made some serious mistakes:

- Did not ask questions about the aircraft.

- Did not take the wing off, and look inside of  model.


Buying Tips:

- Always ask questions before buying any airplane.

- Ask to look inside any aircraft before purchasing, if the salesperson refuses, then do not buy.

- Move on to another hobby store.

  You a right to see what your money is buying!    




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