Are there Online Shopping Accounts: Shop Now Pay Later Online Stores that I can use to buy good even if I have bad credit? The answer to this very interesting question is of course, yes.  For some reason, many people think that these online shopping account show now pay later online stores are new but they are not.  The online sites may be new as existing establishments slowly made their way online, however the establishment themselves have been around for decades and the concept of merchant to consumer credit predates the way people currently do business involving credit bureaus and other financial institutions.

This kind of shopping experience has gotten a bad rap in recent years.  For some reason it is thought that these catalogs and shopping sites are only for people with bad credit.  This is the farthest thing from the truth.  In truth order at home catalogs and websites that offer payment plans have been around longer than even this current credit system. 

In today's 2013 economy, times are still hard, therefore getting goods is easier with these easy credit shopping catalogs and pay monthly shopping sites. Because it is so much easier to get goods via this method, regardless of your credit history, many have mistakenly thought that this type of shopping experience is mostly for people  with impaired credit history.  

Before the financial industry began making a profit from offering credit to people, as they began to travel to different cities and states, transactions were mainly between merchant and buyer.  Merchants used to always offer these types of arrangements directly with their customers. 

Before there was a Visa and MasterCard, there was already a merchant-customer credit relationship.  These direct lending or what people call easy credit shopping websites and catalogs are only continuing in that vain.

People from previous generations remember being able to get credit directly from stores like Sears and Montgomery Ward.  Now Sears have their own credit card and Montgomery Ward also have their own easy installment credit plans to continue that merchant to customer relationship that always made them popular. Joining Sears and Montgomery Ward are many top names in the merchandising industry.


So What Are Some Online Shopping Account: Shop Now Pay Later Online Stores That I Can Use Even If I Have Bad Credit

One of the leaders in this buy now pay later no credit check industry is Fingerhut. Some generations have literally grown up with their parents buying goods on credit from Fingerhut.  It still does this today for the new and current generation. Fingerhut has state of the art goods that you would see in any department store and even though it can be purchased on credit the interest rate is still pretty competitive.  If you are looking for an Online Shopping Account: Shop Now Pay Later Online Store you should try Fingerhut. They have their online presence and also their famous buy now pay later catalog.

Another Online Shopping Account: Order Today Pay Later Online Store is Montgomery Ward.  Yes, the same Montgomery Ward that's been an American institution for decades.  With Montgomery Ward you can get all kinds of merchandise from furniture, bedding and mattresses, bedding sets, living room and dining room sets, clothing, electronics, you name it.  You can shop Montgomery Ward online or as with Fingerhut, you can get their massive catalog delivered to you at no charge.

Seventh Avenue is considered a little newer as compared to Fingerhut and Montgomery Ward, however, the merchandise they sell is still top-notched.  You can get good quality home furnishings, electronics, clothing and other great items from Seventh Avenue buy now pay later online shopping store and catalog.

Many of these order now pay over time no credit check companies have updated and are allowing you to get the credit offers right online, you will have to check with each merchant.  If by any chance to apply online and either get turned down or need a credit increase, just order the free catalog and order one or two items from the catalog. Pay off those items on time  and you may get a "pre-approved" credit card with a "pre-approved" spending limit the next time they send you a catalog.  You will also get "pre-approved" credit catalog offers from other merchants the more you order from one catalog and pay back your bill on time.

These are just a few Online Shopping Account: Order Now Pay by Monthly Installments Online Stores listed here but there are a great deal more.  Some catalogs specialize in just cosmetics, some specialize in jewelry and some specialize in novelty items.  Whatever your pleasure, you can find it in an Online Shopping Account Order Today Pay Over Time Online Store.

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Regardless of the reason you choose to use this method of shopping, you will most can get some really nice things.  The merchandise is most often comparable to those you get in stores, even high end stores.  

Always make sure you know what interest rate you are paying before you commit to buying from any given merchant.  Interest rates can vary from 5 percent to 29 percent, depending on the merchant.  Even though credit is easier to get, you should always make sure the interest rate is a rate that is acceptable to you and your current financial situation.  Read and research  these companies and choose a couple that sell what you are looking for.  Many of these catalogs and sites sell roughly the same type of merchandise, so it is really a matter of choosing the companies you like best and sticking with those. Store Card
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