Online shopping with deferred billing is available and some of them are actually offering no payments, no interest for longer periods.  Many of the website catalogs carry all the major lines of merchandise you can ever need to buy and some even offer instant credit approval for their shoppers.  In this article, I’d like to share a list of the merchants will bill me later options, along with some alternatives you might want to consider as you shop around for great prices and bargains.

List of Online Shopping Catalogs with Deferred Billing

HSN:  If you are approved, you can get 0% interest for a short period of time and take advantage of the deferred billing option when you spend more than $100.  The payments will be added to the credit card you use at check out in four equal installments, making it a good place to buy shoes and apparel, jewelry, clearance items, electronics, and other merchandise lines.  This is a very established company, so you can buy with some level of confidence.  This is an online jewelry store which offers zero interest to qualified buyers, free shipping, and a money back guarantee.  The monthly payments will be placed on your credit card, so there could be financing charges accrued, just not from Ice.  If you are strapped and looking for an engagement ring or wedding ring set, this deferred billing catalog is a great place to do your online shopping.

OnSale:  You’ll find computers from HP, as well as many other electronics, including Android Tablets.  Their store credit card offers no payments for 6 months on purchases of $500 or more, so you do have to spend a fair amount to get the offer for deferred billing shopping.  Of course, with computers and electronics, it’s pretty easy to spend that much money in not time flat.  It is a great place to order electronics now and pay for them later on in the future.  Plus, you'll be able to get the newest items without having to wait around.

Modern Furniture Warehouse:  There are special coupon codes for shoppers.  You can get 12 months interest free payments, or no payments for 9 months.  They carry all kinds of furniture you can imagine, including kids furniture, dining room or living room, and even bathroom furniture.  Prices are fair and you’ll get good deals on shipping charges during specific promotions with the promo codes.

Maryland Square:  This is an online shoe store which offers zero interest for 90 days and a great bill me later option.  You’ll find shoes and footwear in athletics, casual, and dress styles.  This seller only offers shoes for women, so men are out on this one.  It’s a great place to shop if you need some new footwear, but don’t want to pay for it today.

Tool King:  Use PayPal pay later for 90 days on purchases of $50 or more.  In addition to this, if you spend $99.99 or more, you’ll also get free shipping.  As you can probably imagine, offers great deals on tools.  They also sell sporting goods, electronics, automotive and hardware.  It’s a true man store, which offers up the option to buy now and pay later.

Spiegel:  They offer 50% off everything in the online catalog, all with deferred billing for 90 days on purchases of $100 or more.  They have all lines of women’s fashion, including swimwear.  This is a good place to do your buy now pay later shopping and you’ll find a special clearance section with incredible prices.  Some promotions are offered with discounts of up to 70% off the regular prices.

Taylor Gifts:  You can get deferred billing for 90 days on collectible, novelties, and home décor.  You can find Taylor Gifts coupon codes for extra deals, like free shipping and money off your purchase.  You’ll also find pet supplies, kitchen accessories and patio items at good prices.  Check out their new arrival, as seen on TV, and clearance sections for unique items and bargain prices.

Woman Within:  At you’ll get female clothing, including petite and tall sizes, along with sleepwear and lingerie.  They even have a credit card rewards program which offers discounts in the form of credit to use at their online catalog store.  They tend to carry the latest fashions in women’s apparel, so if you like to stick with the trendy items, it’s a great place to shop.

Toshiba Direct:  You can buy new and refurbished laptops today and not pay any interest for 6 months, so long as the balance is completely paid off in the promotional period.  This is a great way to get a computer when you don’t have the funds to make the payments right away.  It’s also a very good name brand for electronics, so you can buy with confidence. 

Alternatives to Bill Me Later Catalogs and Websites

There are a few alternatives to online shopping with deferred billing which you might want to consider before you shop at any of the listed catalog websites.  See if one of these will work out well for you.

Department Stores:  Many department stores offer their own credit cards, generally backed by Visa or MasterCard, and provide special promotions of no payments for a specific amount of time.  Keep in mind that with most of these promotions, you will need to pay off the balance in full or the interest you would have accrued will be added to you balance.  This will add a great deal to your monthly payments, so use them carefully.

Credit Card Promotions:  When you sign up for a new credit card, many of them have deferred billing and no interest promos, which you can use for shopping.  It will help you save money, but as with any revolving credit, you need to be responsible.

There really are a lot of options for anyone looking into online shopping with deferred billing.