We live in a digital world where the computer completely permeates our life. The use of PC’s, notebooks, mobile phones, and tablets are increasing day by day. The problem that the users face is the storage. They spend a lot of time acquiring data and trying to find a way to store it. Usually a computer user uses the hard disks to store the data.  Some of the common problems of using hard disk as the primary and only means of storage are as follows, 


  1. Hard disks are unpredictable and are prone to failures leading to data loss. 
  2. Storage spaces are limited and have to buy additional storage to store more data.
  3. Complexity in managing large hard drives.
  4. Availability of data anytime and anywhere.

Storing your data in cloud storage solves all the above mentioned problems. Using cloud storage one can smartly store and manage huge volumes of data. There are many cloud storage providers available online. Some of these companies provide free storage for storing and sharing your data. The amount of free storage offered by these companies seems to grow regularly.
In this article we are going to see some of the free online storage sites which you can use for storing, sharing and backing up your important files. 

1. Sky drive
Sky drive is an online storage solution from Microsoft similar to Google docs. You can create multiple folders and provide access permission to each folder according to your preference. It provides you with a free storage of 25 GB. 

2. 4 Shared
4shared is an easy to use file sharing and backing up facility. It provides you with 10 GB of free space. You can store document, Music, Video and image files.

3. Adrive
I think this is one of the, if not the only, online storage providers that offer you with 50 GB free space. This is a great place to store a lot of your stuffs like movies, documents, music and photos. The drawback is limited features for free account. Check out their website for more information. http://www.adrive.com/

4. Sugar sync
Sugersync provides you with a free storage of up to 5 GB. It has cool features such as real time backups, stream MP3 files, version history. The drawback is poor customer support.

5. Zumodrive
Zumodrive is an impressive online storage solution. It runs across all major operating systems including the one that supports the mobile devices. It supports streaming from the cloud. It is faster than the other storage providers. Automatic sync feature is cool. It provides you with 2 GB of free space. Overall zumodrive is worth a try.

6. Idrive
idrive provides you with 5GB free space. If you send promotional email to all your email contacts then you’ll get an additional free space of 10 GB. 

The above mentioned sites are only few, there are more sites available in the web world. Thanks for reading the article.