If you are interested in earning some easy cash filling out surveys, you want to be sure to find the online surveys that pay. The ones that do not pay are obviously not worth your time. Unfortunately, there are so many sites that offer paid surveys that it is difficult to know upfront which sites are worth your time and which are not. This article will provide some tips on how to get the best return on your time when venturing into the world of paid online surveys.

Email Account for Online Surveys

The most important thing to do before signing up with survey sites is to set up a new email account. It is very quick and easy to get a free email account from places like Google and Yahoo. The reason for setting up a separate email account is two-fold. First, having an email address dedicated to just your online survey efforts will help you to stay organized and answer requests for surveys promptly, which is very important. Second, some paid survey sites send out a lot of emails which can be frustrating if you are using your own personal account. So it is preferable to have an email account dedicated solely to surveys.

Finding Online Surveys That Pay

Once you have your email account established, you are ready to begin looking for online surveys that pay. There are a few characteristics you want to look for when searching for these sites. First, you do not want to pay a fee to join, there are plenty of free online paid survey sites available. Second, look for sites that pay in cash rather than prizes. Lastly, when you find survey sites that pay in cash, be sure to determine the minimum balance you need to reach to be paid out. Focus on survey sites that pay out after your account reaches $10-$20 - the lower the better.

Signup with Multiple Sites

Once you have a list of sites offering paid surveys that are free to join, start signing up. Some of these sites will ask you to fill out a profile to determine your interests. Be sure to fill these profiles out to optimize the number of surveys you are sent. Once you have signed up for a few sites, be sure to check your email at least once a day. If you can check your email two or three times that is even better as sometimes these surveys only accept a limited number of people, so it is important to answer your survey invitations promptly.

Monitor Your Earnings

As you begin to receive the email invitations and fill out a few surveys for the various sites you have joined, be sure you monitor your time input and your earnings. What you need to determine is which sites are giving you the best return on your effort. The sites that result in the best return monetarily are the sites you want to focus on. In the process you may fill out surveys for sites that ultimately are not worth the time spent, but you will now be able to identify the online surveys that pay the best for you. You won't get rich filling out online surveys, but you can make a little extra cash relatively easily.