I've never had a gift with languages. I struggled through my required two years of Spanish in high school, graduated and never looked back.

Until I started traveling.

Turns out you do need Spanish in just about oh... ALL of Latin AmericaLatin America(132808)Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Map-Latin_America.svg.


While you do absorb a lot of the language while traveling, I found my rusty Spanish skills still needed a boost.

So I turned to the good old world wide web.



This is my all time favorite language learning resource. Not only do they have Spanish, but also French, Portugese, German and Italian. It's completely interactive, you translate Spanish to English and vise versa, you also listen to audio recordings in Spanish and practice speaking translated statements via your computer microphone. This site completely tracks your progress, and allows you to test out to a more advanced level if you feel ready. You can also connect to your friends with it on Facebook and have competitions. Duolingo even sends out friendly daily reminders to your email to do your language practice! The best part? It's completely, 100% FREE.



This is a great resource if you're struggling with different verb tenses and grammatical usage. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced options for the different spanish verbs and punctuation. You can also take quizzes to help test your memory! This is the number one site I use when I want to practice my verbs. Most of the site is free except for the more advance conversational courses.



This site has a great variety of tools for learning Spanish. Verb conjugation for any verb in the spanish language, flash cards, quizzes, the Spanish alphabet and pronunciation, even common Spanish phrases and their translations. You can also take a proficiency test to determine your level of fluency and search for qualified Spanish schools in your area. And play interactive online games with Spanish vocabulary. 123 teachme also has free focused courses such as Spanish for work, Spanish for travel or Medical Spanish. A brilliant all around resource.



Upon first appearances this site may appear like many other language teaching sites. It has a few different courses you can choose from Beginner, Intermediate or Travel Spanish and the usual vocabulary lessons. But the best part about this site is it connects a variety of language learners from all of the world to practice together. Thus, a native Spanish speaker learning English, and a native English speaker learning Spanish would be paired together to chat via webcam or instant messenger. Both people get their language practice and all you have to do is talk! I use this site a lot when I'm back visiting the states and need to keep up with my practice with native speakers.