Online Translation(91944)Credit: translation is often free, for the most basic services. Certain language translation websites may offer complimentary tools and services to add value for people who want to translate text while on the go or learn a new language. This article will give an overview of what these sites have to offer.


SDL offers a basic translator interface as well as a wide range of features. Translating a paragraph involves typing in the text, selecting the source of your text, the language you want to convert, and clicking on the Translate button. The results will appear in less than a minute. You can copy and paste this translation into a Word document, or you can send it to your email address, once you register for a FreeTranslation Platinum Club membership.

This membership promises to provide more accurate translations. Members may translate up to 10,000 words in one session and up to 100 translations per day, translate websites, and email translations. They are also entitled to special offers and discounts.

Other paid tools are available outside the membership. These include translators for the desktop and clipboard plus a chat translator. Customers will pay fewer than five dollars for these add-on features.

Free tools include Facebook and iPhone apps, an accelerator for Firefox and IE8, tools to add translation features to your websites, Google toolbar extensions, and widgets for both the Mac and PC. All these tools can give customers a variety of options for translating words online and off.


Paralink offers basic language translation as a free service. You may also download  a language translator extension for Firefox. They also offer free multilingual dictionaries that will translate words from English to a variety of languages and conversely.

People who want to learn how words are pronounced may use the Text to Speech feature. This feature will teach them how to pronounce words correctly. To use it, you must click on the link that will take you to


This company offers a variety of features. You can translate text, web pages, RSS feeds and files. While you don’t have to sign up to use the text tool or their dictionaries, you will have to sign up to gain access to the rest of their features. It costs nothing to register for an account.

They have a wide variety of bilingual dictionaries. You may click on a link to find alphabetical listings or use the search bar at the top of the page. Slang terms may be available, depending on the language that you want to convert.

Google Language Tools

Google’s Language Tool allows you to translate text into a wide variety of languages. It will also let you translate web pages. The interface is very simple to use.

Yahoo! Babel Fish

This is another bare bones language translator, which will let you translate up to 150 words at a time. It also has a web page translation feature.


Online translation is a convenient way to convert text from one language to another. Other features such as the Text to Speech may help people speak so that they are understood. There are a variety of language translation websites available on the Internet, each offering similar and different features.