Online translation using free translation software can help people with a variety of needs. Many companies who offer this software also provide other free features. These features can help save time, as well as help people communicate with each other across the globe.

Simple Text Translation

The one thing in common that translation companies have, is simple text translation. People who need to translate a paragraph or two may either type in or copy and paste the text that need to be translated. Once the text is in place, the user will select the original language and the translation language. After they select that, clicking the Translate button will produce the translated version of text.

These texts can be sent directly to a person's email. This feature comes in handy when someone needs to memorize particular sentences before they meet with a group that speaks a different language. It will also serve to create a good reference tool, if the person needs to translate a variety of text passages that they use often. That way, he won't have to keep entering the original text every time he needs it translating.

Other Free Features

Besides the basic translating services, these providers offer other free tools that can assist people. One such feature is a web site translator. If someone finds an article that is written in Chinese, all he has to do is copy and paste the URL into the query field. Not only is the original page translated, but so are any others that happen to be included under the domain name.

Some sites offer free web page translator widgets. These widgets will translate the text into whatever language the visitor speaks. This feature will help businesses who want to reach a global audience.

People who need to learn the names of words may use the multilingual dictionaries that are included. Some services offer custom dictionaries so that people can enter words for specific subjects or words that are used often. A wide variety of languages are available to use.

The text to speech feature will also help people learn how to pronounce words correctly. Learning how to speak the words will avoid confusion when a person is trying to communicate with another person who speaks a different language. Some software offers this feature for the most common languages, as well as some that are lesser known.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Online translation companies do not limit their services to exclusive online usage. They also offer apps that can be used on Facebook and the iPhone. This allows people to translate texts while they are away from their computers, offering them more convenience. Desktop apps also assist people who wish to remain offline while working on projects.