Steps to Getting Hired With The University Of Phoenix Online

The University of Phoenix has been the leading pioneer in online distance education for the working professional.  Founded in 1976 by John Sperling, the University has had both positive and negative highlights in its long career of adult education.  The University of Phoenix's online program was started in 1989, pioneering the new era of online undergraduate and graduate education and  has been a leader in that arena ever since.

The University of Phoenix online employment opportunities are advertised through its parent company Apollo Group, Inc.  They are continually looking to fill different positions, from faculty to student services.  In order to take advantage of the University of Phoenix online employment opportunities you must go through the following steps.

Visit the Apollo Group Inc. website employment section. Then press the "Check our current job listing" tab on the main employment page.  If you are interested in a faculty position, then press the tab that says "become a faculty member" to see the requirements you'll need in order to be consider for a job as a faculty member with the University of Phoenix (UOP). Teaching jobs will require a whole different set of qualifications and credentials and it is best that you read through this section first before proceeding to the  open job listings section.  This process could save you valuable time by ensuring that you have the necessary qualifications and credentials for the online job openings that they are looking to fill.

Once you are on the Apollo Group Inc. employment page, hit the "view career opportunities" tab in the upper right hand corner of the page; or you can just go directly here. Choose the job you are looking for by "category," "location," or "group."  After you press a category, location or group, you will see the listings available for jobs.  Press on that job to get a description of the qualifications.  If you want to apply for that particular job at the University Of Phoenix online, then just hit the blue "apply now" button. You will be asked to read and agree to the Corporate Statement and other company specific information before you continue.  Just read through it press the appropriate button to either accept or reject what you have just read.

This is the simple way to fill out a University of Phoenix employment application online and get started in the job or career of your dreams.  Online teaching or online assistant  and technical jobs pay very well and are fast becoming the new way of working from home.  They offer a great change of pace and good job security in some cases depending on whether or not you can get into the right position. 

Before you fill out any job application online, make sure your resume is in order so that you can ensure that the dates and job titles on your resume matches whatever you put on your online University of Phoenix Job application. Making sure the information is updated and correct is one of the most important steps you can take to land the perfect online job. 

There are usually jobs listed on the career opportunities page so if you do not see something that you qualify for or that you are interested in, just stop by frequently as the jobs get updated.  Keep your resume up to date so that you can fill out the online application quickly and get the process rolling.

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