Online Writing: Why Lifelong Residual Income is an Illusion.

How many online writers are pleased to receive a paycheck for doing nothing? You don't have to be an online writer to know that it makes perfect business sense to "write once and earn many". That is to say once the initial work has been done, you just sit back and watch the money roll in. There are many advocates of writing for residual income rather than writing for upfront payment.

Is it really true that you can earn lifetime money through revenue sharing site like Hubpages and Infobarrel? Anyone who has been writing online for a few years knows that lifelong online earnings are just an illusion.

Why is lifelong residual income just an illusion?

History has a very funny way for repeating itself. The sad part of it is that we tend to forget and take heed. A lot of people understand the saying "business is business". The idea behind that saying is that everyone will do whatever is necessary to keep his business afloat. If you look into the history of sites like Associated Contents, e-How and others, the owners did what they had to do to keep the business alive. There is no way a site will guarantee lifelong earnings if the business climate changes. Business is all about making money and not giving it away. Infobarrel like other is about providing a platform for writings to earn residual income. Infobarrel is a good platform for which to write. However, Infobarrel is also a business and not a charity.

Those who wrote for some revenue sharing sites have had to run when companies like e-How suddenly changed their policy. Furthermore, Google, the company behind Adsense can also change its policy. This can result in loss of earnings for those who directly or indirectly depend on them. What will happen if the owner of Infobarrel were to sell his business? That is a legitimate question and if the price is right, then, it is a done deal.

Those who have been paying attention to the way Google has grown over the years have seen changes in the algorithm used to rank websites and pages. At the moment, the longer you have been crawled by the Google engine, the better your page ranking. What is to prevent Google from prioritizing new contents? That will basically mean all those with articles written years ago will suddenly see a decline in their income. Can that really happen? You can read about Page Rank on Wikipedia. Is this fear mongering? That depends on the way you look at things.

The business world is an unpredictable playing field. There is nothing like a free lunch. There is also nothing like a lifelong residual income from writing. That is why lifelong online writing residual income is an illusion.