Finding A Site

If you are considering writing articles for a living is finding an online site like this site that will be easy for you to do. There are a lot of sites that you can choose from. If you like to add pictures to your articles you have to find a site that will let you add pictures to your articles like InfoBarrel. Once you find that site then you can start writing your articles to that site. But first make sure you set up an account with that site and give them the necessary information that they need in order for you to get started. Especially the information they need from you to pay you. Remember some sites take pay pal, some ad sense and some site might be able to do both.

Finding A Topic

Now that you have found a site that will be easy for you to use now it is time to come with a topic to write about. The best way to do that is by writing on a subject that you know very well about it and write about that subject. It is usually the things that you know the best is usually the best starting point to write about. If you are on a site that allows you to add pictures to your articles are also the best, because you are able to add pictures to show your readers what you are able to talk about during your writing of your article. 

Adding Key Words

Now that you have written your article, now you must add some key words or phrases that will be used in the search engines that will help people who is using the search engines to help find different things. By using key words or phrases will help your articles be found by the search engines. 

Promoting Your Articles

Once you have you writing your articles and starting to have them published you must be willing to start promoting those articles. You ask how am I suppose to do that? Well, that will be easy. If you are on any social media site like, Facebook, twitter and other types of social media you can be able to post a link to the social media of your choice your articles. In my experience of writing articles you might want to post them to different social media sites as you can so you can maximize your viewership to your articles. The more social media sites that you place your articles on the better your chances. If you are posting your articles on sites like twitter or Google+ you might want to use some hash tags for those site for more chances to have your articles to be seen. If are wondering what are hash tags this is an example, if you are talking about building a home use this for hash tags like this: #build, #house, #materials. 

Gaining Experience

The more you write articles and getting use to writing the better you become as a writer. Writing can be and should be fun also. Yes a person can have a writer's block and don't know what to write, trust me I can have some of those days myself and it can be frustrating. 

My Experience As A Writer

I have written articles for about a little over a year and half for three different writing sites. And so far it has been a great experience. Each site that I am on is a little different in how they want their articles written. And each writing site is giving me more experience in how to approach in how to write for each one. Even though the pay for each one is different, but for me it has been the experience that I am receiving is the most gratifying for me. There have people at each site that have given me advice in how to do things in which I am very grateful for them to given me that advice. I am having fun writing articles for these different sites that I am writing for. [1][1]