When you make the choice to become an online writer, it is important to know what you are getting into. There will be good days and not so good days. The trick is to stay the course and not be discouraged on those bad days. (Actually there will be good weeks and bad weeks, good months and bad... you get the idea). Chances are that your income will climb over time, slowly but surely.

However, you will need to persevere. Keep on writing, no matter what. Continue to build up your article libraries at various websites, including InfoBarrel, eHow, HubPages, Squidoo, Xomba, etc. You will develop favorites, that is, writing sites that you prefer more than others. It's okay to go with your preferences, but don't totally neglect the other sites, because the more you can diversify, the better.

Don't rely completely on your writing online income to support you. Think of it as a part time job and a part time income. Even if you write online full time, your chances of getting the equivalent of a full time income from writing online are not great unless (or until) you have been at it for quite a while and have educated yourself about keywords and Search Engine Optimization.

Many, many people try their hand at online writing. Most stop doing it after a while for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is not a "get rich quick scheme." Some people just tire of it or develop other hobbies that ultimately take its place. The people who make a go of it are the ones who keep writing and writing and writing. (Of course this holds true of all writers, not just people who write online.) Writing can be a lonely profession, after all. But if you stick with it, and you find ways to keep your expectations moderate (instead of sky high), you will substantially increase your chances of succeeding.

There may be an ebb and flow to your online writing experience. In other words, there may be times when you write online a lot and other times when your schedule does not permit as much online writing. The good thing with online writing is that during these dry spells you can keep earning residual income from the articles you have already written. The important thing, of course, is to never give up, especially if you really enjoy the writing process and have a lot of fun contributing to different websites.