Tips for how to talk onlineMost of us are taught manners and what is socially acceptable at a very young age. We have become so accustomed to this etiquette that it has become second nature to most of us. However, we tend to lose this etiquette when we are in the comfort of our on homes, more specifically when we are talking online. There are unwritten codes of behaviour that everyone should know when they chating with people online. I have created a simple list of tips that will help you get started on your "netiqutte" and make you a pro in no time.

1. In order to protect your privacy make sure to never use your full name and don't ask for the full names of others.

2. Don't use offensive language.

3. Keep messages short, long messages will interrupt the flow of the conversation.

4. Try to Avoid using ALL CAPS to emphasize a word, this would be considered as yelling.

Always check your spelling.

6. Don't send or forward junk mail, yes this includes chain letters.

7. Don't send or forward Internet hoaxes. Always make sure a hoax is real by finding out more information about it on other sites.

8. Don't send or forward virus warnings, this could also be a hoax.

9. If you are replying to an e-mail that was sent to many recipients, reply only to the people that your answer is relevant.
10.Avoid sending large attachments to multiple recipients.

11. To avoid misunderstandings be careful with humor and remember that scarsam is typically lost online.

12. Keep in mind that things are available on the Web for a long time.