Know the requirements. All lending firms regardless of being online will need two forms of identification and one must be a photo. They also need employment status or the number of your current employer. You can fax this information to the lending source of your choice or you can go to your local library and pay a small fee for the information to scanned and faxed. You will also need a bank account with the last 6 months of transaction history.

Find a legitimate lender. At some point you will need to do research as to which online payday lender you can afford and which ones are legitimate.  Google and other search engines put quality businesses at the top of the search engine if they are a proven and a legitimate entity. Look through the top ten search results for online payday lenders and compare the interest rates of each. This method works because it's unlikely Google or other advertisers would use illegitimate company's on the first page.

Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a great way to rate businesses and decide if the organization in question is legitimate or not. The BBB website allows you to read other people's comments or writing your own about each business. Stay away from a business that isn't listed on the BBB website and read the comments left by each customer to understand if they were a little too harsh or they had truely been victimized.

Compare and beware. You should make a list of the potential payday lenders and cross each off after determining the interest rates of each company. You should also beware of extremely low interest rates or interest rates that are too high. You should immediately cross off any lender whose interest rates are too high or too low. Only take seriously the lenders with reasonable interest rates and legitimate background investigating.

Make you're choice. Up to this point you have identified a few companies that are lenders who have peaked you're interest. You should contact each company by phone and interview the sales staff to find any inconsistencies with the terms offered on the website. Be aware of any representative who offers a different fee than was originally advertised. This is false advertisement and that alone is a crime.