Making the decision to home school

Many parents feel that traditional, mainstream schooling is not the best way to go for their children, and a lot of parents do not have the funds that are needed to go the private school route. However, there are many good online home school resources offered to the South African family, each of which follows the South African schooling curriculum. A worry for many parents is how to keep their children motivated, however, with the number of interesting and useful online resources, this is not an issue as tasks will be clearly set out and both parents and learners will soon get a clear idea of what is expected from them and what goals need to be reached.

There are a number of good online home schooling organisations which are based in South Africa, such as, Ace, Brainline and Delta. Be sure to take the time to explore the websites of each of the online home school organisations and try to find a suitable program that is able to meet your family's specific needs and allow your child to achieve their academic goals.

Before making the decision to home school, first take into account that the parent will need to play a very large and active role in their child's home schooling venture and children should never be left to their own devices and try to 'school' themselves. To this end, parent and child need to make the commitment to take on the task of home schooling and realize that home schooling is not without its challenges.

For a number of parents, home schooling may seem like a massive responsibility and to alleviate the demand, tutors may be appointed, and they will take the place of the parent during the home schooling journey. It must also be remembered that home schooling is not the right route for all learners, however, with the online websites of many home schooling companies in South Africa, parents and learners will be able to investigate and explore the pros and cons of home schooling. The immense power of the internet has opened up many opportunities and today opting to home school, will give parents and learners alike the benefits of useful online resources.

Many SA families feel that with home schooling they are able to share their own religious and personal beliefs with their children, and when it comes to affordable and value for money education, home schooling is a good route to follow.